Book Review: Cycling On Form

Cycling On Form
By Tom Danielson, Kourtney Danielson

Retail $24.95, Paperback

The sport of cycling is intense. Competitive athletes become well-oiled machines, and the gap between a good athlete and a good cyclist seems to widen exponentially with each race. So, how do you improve without sucking the fun out of every ride? In Cycling on Form, authors Tom Danielson and Kourtney Danielson address the conundrum by breaking down cycling performance into four pillars: Fitness, Execution, Nutrition, and Focus. The method encourages equal growth in all areas to produce a faster, smarter—and more importantly—an overall healthier athlete.

The whole concept started when author Tom Danielson began holding cycling camps in the off-season, at his property in Arizona. It was riding with these athletes that Davidson observed these “bizarre creatures” and wondered “why their seat posts were so high, why they stopped pedaling on every downhill, and why so many suffered from chronic leg cramps.”

After a few tweaks, Danielson saw immediate results, and by the end of the week, they were dramatically different riders.

With Cycling On Form, he continues to share his wisdom from his 15 years of training and racing professionally, including the Tour De France, with working professionals and amateurs everywhere. By breaking down each pillar into digestible pieces, Danielson can address all your technical questions (cadence, body position, training zones, etc.) and still give attention to often-overlooked subjects like mental training and developing a proper relationship with nutrition—a struggle for many cyclists.

Cycling On Form is an easy read, with recipes, sample training plans and refreshing anecdotes that keep the reader engaged throughout. It’s an especially ideal selection for any rider looking to improve their power, cycling skills, and overall mindset, despite the availability of limited personal time.


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