Dare 2b- Momentum Windshell Cycling Jacket


$_35With design advisors like Tour de France winner, Óscar Pereiro, it’s no surprise that Dare 2b hits a home run with the Momentum Windshell; in fact, with their entire line of cycling gear.

If you’re asking yourself why you haven’t heard of Dare 2b, it probably just means you’re not from the UK. The company has been honing their design skills with their outdoor brand throughout the streets and ski lifts of Europe, and have decided to bless the rest of us with the fruits of their excessive labors.

The Momentum Windshell is super lightweight and water resistant, designed for moderate weather in chilly evening and morning rides. The strategically-placed, wind resistant fabric protects from the cold, while the mesh ventilated back panels allow excess heat to escape, keeping our tester dry and toasty. He commented, “The fabric on the Momentum is fantastic. Some jackets will just stick to your arms as you sweat, but this one allowed my skin to breathe and kept me at a very comfortable temperature… I was also able to wear it in a little colder temperatures than it was intended by just adding a long sleeve jersey underneath. It’s a great jacket- and a very versatile piece for someone looking to expand their cycling gear.”

IMG_3168Taking advantage of Pereiro’s experience in the saddle, Dare 2b has added little details that make the jacket even more user friendly. Thumb loops allow riders to slip gloves over the cuffs, sealing them off from the wind, and a long back with a scooped elasticated hem prevents the chilly beast from creeping up your back. Articulated sleeves, a rear zipper pocket and reflective details for enhanced visibility are a few more goodies thrown into the jacket.

IMG_3167However, our favorite feature by far is the fully detachable sleeves. Not only is it pretty sweet to have a piece that can be used as a vest or a jacket, this isn’t a new feature, but there are tiny magnets in the vest (or gilet) that hold the sleeves securely while being unzipped. Once the sleeve has been completely unzipped you simply tug at the magnets and pack the sleeves away. This means, you can zip off sleeves in transit. Yep, you heard that right, you don’t even have to stop. We thought that was pretty darn cool, and so did our tester, “I was kind of geeking out about the sleeves- I know I don’t get out much so it’s easy to impress me but, they’re pretty rad. It’s not the kind of thing I would do while climbing a canyon or anything, but that’s just cool. Anything I can do to stay in the saddle and maintain my comfort is pretty awesome.”

While Dare 2b will be in the U.S. very soon, for the time being, you’ll have to settle with having your Momentum Windshell (retail USD$60.00) shipped from the UK. Sources tell us that the U.S. site is in the final stages, so check back and we’ll update this article when the link becomes available. It’s definitely worth waiting for, because by all accounts, the prices are pretty competitive, when compared to the equivalent quality cycling gear, currently available in the U.S. Until then, feel free to peruse the extensive UK site and start your wish list: www.dare2b.com.

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