DECATHLON Triban the jacket to keep out the cold and be seen

The TRIBAN collection from DECATHLON combines comfort with safety and visibility.

DECATHLON has created a great line of jackets that are visible night and day. This visibility on the roads is crucial in todays world. These jackets make sure you will be seen with the bright yellow neon and the reflective accents on arms, back, chest, and shoulders.

The TRIBAN RC 500 is great for winter riding. The comfortable fit with 4 way stretch that has enough structure to not flap in the wind. Very smooth for high speed riding. The construction is built for cycling with good back and shoulder stretch. The patches of fabric are positioned to allow comfort in the drops. The jacket allows for freedom of movement. This is a top of the line jacket for cycling. The jacket includes full rear pocket that has a zip closure to stuff all the fuel & extra gear you need for a long ride. This great fabric is also water repellent. This jacket is a great value for $89.99 US check out this option at

The TRIBAN RC100 is another great option. Notice the cut of the shoulder piece allows for ample coverage with the lower back section. The rider can get into more aero positions comfortably.

DECATHLON TRIBAN jackets have the right length in the sleeves and the torso. The added reflective material are well positioned for optimal visibility on all sides. These jackets do a great job with keeping the cold out. This is also a great value at just $49.99 US

In summary I am very impressed with the durability and quality of the DECATHLON TRIBAN Cycling jackets. I like them so much I tested them running in snowy mountains.

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Gelder Lewis has been snowboarding for more than 30 years. He heard Mark Allen speak at a motivational meeting and wanted to do a triathlon. He decided to get in shape for the winter months so he started doing triathlon. Now he is totally addicted and loves to swim, bike, run year round. Gelder enjoys testing, writing, talking and presenting information about all things gear and how it can enhance the endurance sport experience. Gelder still snowboards until the Greatest Snow on Earth melts each season.