ELITE JET Biodegradable bottle & VICO CARBON cage

Where do your old water
bottles go?  

I have been in a number of races and seen bottles go flying out of the cage.  What happens to these old damaged bottles.  Thanks to ELITE there is now a BIODEGRADABLE bottle & the VICO CARBON cage so you wont lose it.

The ELITE JET is manufactured with an
innovative plastic material treated with a special additive, making it possible
to lower the time it takes for the bottle to decompose when entering the
regular industrial composting cycles.

Thanks to this additive, the microorganisms
responsible for the biodegradation of materials attack the polymeric chain of
the plastic, thus significantly reducing the time it takes for the bottle to
degrade (3 months – 5 years). This is something that regular plastic products
can’t do (general estimation is 100 – 1000 years for decomposition).

Does this special plastic make fluids taste
funny?  NO!  As a matter of fact this bottle seems to have a better
rinse and ride taste than most bottles I have used.  The ELITE JET bottle
also is structurally solid but easy to squeeze huge volumes quickly.  This
means staying hydrated is simplified.  

ELITE also makes an incredible bottle cage.
 The VICO CARBON!  Coming in at only 23 grams this cage is strong and
light.  I even put it on my MTB to see if I could send it flying with some
bouncing around.  The cage is secure and works perfectly with the JET
bottle.  Getting the bottle in and out is smooth.  It slips in easy
and doesn’t leave a gap.  Totally smooth with no give.   

The unique patented design is structurally
reinforced in the spots to stabilize the best.  The cage can fit in
tighter triangles in different style frames.  Easy to put one on the seat
tube and the drop tube without issues.  

This combo of the ELITE JET bottle and the VICO
CARBON cage is a perfect fit for any ride.  Really nice bikes deserve
really nice bottle and cage.  ELITE has some amazing color options.
 I am stoked how this looks on my new ride.  

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