Fall tune up with FINISH LINE

FINISH LINE has a full line of products to keep your bike running smoothly.  Here are a couple new things that you can use to keep your bike, parts and your tune up area clean and in top notch condition.

Mechanic Grip™ Gloves

No matter how many times I have done it I seem to scrape my knuckles when I remove pedals from my bikes.  I know this is pretty basic but I just decided I will always wear the NEW FINISH LINE Mechanic Grip Gloves.  Anytime I am working on my bike I will throw these on.  Easy to grip and great protection for amateur mechanics like me.  The Mechanic Grip Gloves are reusable and can be used with big and small parts.


Absorb-It™ Mat

Here is the mat that you want for your tune up area.  With the ability to absorb 1-2.5 liters of liquid depending on size.  With the Absorb-it Mat the clean up is no big deal.  With lubes, cleaners, and grease you don’t need to worry because the mess will be kept on the mat.  Use the Absorb-It on a work bench, under an automobile to catch leaking fluids, in a car trunk to prevent stains, in a chemical storage cabinets, or under a bike trainer to catch perspiration.


Pedal And Cleat Lubricant

A specially formulated lubricant to work on your cleats and pedals to allow smooth clipping and easy clip out.  Making your gear last longer is the goal here with a thin protective layer on the surface to make sure thing operate smoothly.  Pedal & Cleat Lubricant was designed and formulated to maximize the performance of any pedal and cleat system and is so effective that it is factory approved by Speedplay.


E-Shift™ Groupset Cleaner

Electronic shifting is the wave of the future.  And if you have not experienced it, trust me it is amazing.  The electronic group set does have some challenges with the maintenance.  So what type of lube should be used?  FINISH LINE has developed the cleaner that will not mess with this fine tuned machinery.  Because it evaporates quickly it does the job with no residue.  This cleaner will help remove grit and grime to protect your investment.


I have been using FINISH LINE products for more than 20 years.  It is great to see a solid company continually innovating with new products.   To purchase these fine products go to the attached links to find your local dealer.


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Mechanic Gloves
Pedal and Cleat Cleaner
Absorb it Mat
E-shift cleaner

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