PIRELLI Scorpion MTB with Rear specific option

PIRELLI has always meant high performance & amazing quality. These MTB tires continue this long standing tradition.

In the 80’s I would draw pictures of the PIRELLI ads. Inside of car magazines there were incredible artistic photos of Lamborghinis & Ferraris with bright colors. These were the Pirelli ads. We would tear out and hang these in our lockers and bedrooms. All the high performance cars had PIRELLI.

When I saw that that PIRELLI had ventured into cycling I was absolutely stoked. Some vehicle tire companies have crossed over and created good products. The SCORPION tires are in a class of there own.


The SCORPION tires have a great front tire that rolls perfectly on any terrain. It grips incredibly well on berms and banks. The feeling is super smooth and respond as well if not better than any MTB tire I have ever used.


Recently I put a little bigger tire on the front of my 29er. It was a little bit of a Frankenstein setup and it worked. That is not necessary anymore with the SCORPION tires. They have a Rear specific option. The tread that you can see here is a nice smooth layout that perfectly compliments the front tire tread. This tread works well with powerful acceleration. After riding with it for a while it actually increases the confidence with quicker speed and more agility.

Rear tread


The front looks similar to your typical MTB tire. Look how they compare in the front and rear. Below is the front tread.

These tires have quickly become my favorites. The incredible grip has no comparison. They look great and more importantly ride hard core with no problems.

For more information and detailed options about these incredible tires go to https://velo.pirelli.com/en/ww/scorpion-mtb

I am excited to try the road cycling tires.

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