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The Tech

After reviewing a number of Cobb saddles over the years, is it OK that I have a serious tech crush on John Cobb projects? It’s important to note that the extensive, specialized experience that “Mr. Wind Tunnel” has acquired in cycling aerodynamics cannot be understated. That being said, his knowledge only benefits the consumer when he’s permitted to ‘do his thing;’ and kudos to Rudy Project for giving him space. Loaded with features, the lightweight (under 10oz.) Boost 01 boasts 10 vents, and a Universal Dorsal Ridge, to convert sideways force into forward force. Dynamic Pressure Points pull air around the riders neck, and off the shoulders, improving aerodynamics. A forward placed aerodynamic pressure zone results in 12% aero drag reduction and a 65% reduction in neck torque—your neck can thank Mr. Cobb later. The chin strap features a self-centering buckle and a Fastex System Closure Buckle. Other features include a dock for your shades, removable optical shield and Free Pad interchangeable comfort padding. Ventilation preferences, to control air flow, are met with interchangeable vent covers. The Adjustable RSR9 Retention System, does more than snug the rear of the helmet at the base of the head—the structure is designed to improve comfort and fit with a precise retention system, made with a series of straps throughout the structure of the helmet. The Boost 01 comes in seven colors and two sizes—small/medium and large—and can be purchased with ($399.99 USD) or without ($349.99 USD) the removable optical shield. Additional lenses are available for varying conditions, as well as replacement parts for any little mishaps.


The Experience

I may not have a degree in aerodynamic engineering, but I have been testing outdoor/endurance products for many years. My experience has taught me the clear difference between a well-thought out product—like the Boost 01—and products that clearly need more time in the workshop. The ventilation in the Boost is fantastic. Since it’s a newer product, I’ve only had the opportunity to put in miles this summer and the conditions have varied between hot and hotter, so I will be sure to update as the days become cooler. Aero helmets, by necessity of design are notoriously torrid in full sun, but the Boost ventilation system is much more comparable in feel, to high quality road helmet. It feels surprisingly light and the closure systems—both chin strap and rear adjustment—are simple to fine tune, and cinch well, without needing to sacrifice overall comfort. After searching user reviews online, this seems to be the general consensus. There were a few complaints about the waxy straps slipping at the buckle, but I didn’t have any issues myself. I loved having the dock for my sunglasses and we can’t fail to acknowledge the fact that styling and color options, on the Boost 01 look freaking rad. Just remember that this is an aero helmet, and the general styling leans more in that direction. With interchangeable optical lenses available, the overall use of the helmet becomes more than just a raceday helmet, and can easily be worn for a daily ride.

I’m telling you, I know this review is looking awfully sponsored by Rudy Project, but the truth is, I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about the Boost 01 helmet. That being said, everyone’s head is shaped different—you can hardly blame Rudy—so if you spend a lot of time complaining about the design of your trucker hat, I would take that into consideration. I can say with authority that I have an average sized adult skull, and the helmet fit perfectly with no pressure point issues.


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