Rudy Project Review- The New Sintryx

I’m a huge advocate for a picking up a $5.00 pair of gas station sunnies on your next road trip, but when it comes to performance, you absolutely must experience the bliss of a pair of well-designed sunglasses, like the Rudy Project Sintryx.


  • Weight: 1 ounce/30 grams
  • Polar3 FX HDR wrap around lenses
  • Spring-loaded, push-button lens release system
  • Frame integrated ventilation
  • Sweat-proof grip
  • RX compatible
  • Multiple lens options available
  • Three year frame warranty
  • Replacement Lens Guarantee
  • Adaptive tips for helmet compatibility
  • Available in many frame and lens options
  • Retail $224.99 – $299.99 USD



The Sintryx

For the seventh year in a row, Rudy Project helmets have dominated transition at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona Hawaii. The recent addition of John Cobb designed products (all hail to the king of the wind tunnel), have also served to bolster the Rudy resume. With the arrival of their newest project, the Sintryx, they are point to add once again, to the long list of accomplishments. The Sintryx has been created with a helmet compatible, mountain-bike specific design, that extends the lenses slightly farther around the side of the face—to improve the peripheral vision of the rider. As I tested my pair that Rudy sent out, I fully appreciated this feature, during everything from trail running, to road cycling, and am looking forward to testing them while XC skiing this season. They may have been created with the mountain biker in mind, but are absolutely versatile in their use. The Quick-change lenses (see below) are a huge bonus, and the sleek look of the frame is always the first thing that jumps out friends I’ve shown them to.



As mentioned in the ‘Details’ section above, the frame of the Sintryx is notably light-weight at only 1 ounce/30 grams. They feel markedly light when worn, and even less noticeable when in motion, because of the well-designed ventilation system. While every face is different, just about anyone will agree that comfort seems to rely heavily on pressure points—specifically, those effected by the nose piece and temple tips. A good fit is vital for me, as I have a facial nerve disorder that can make poorly designed sunglasses almost unbearable. The Sintryx boasts 360 degree adjustable, no-slip temple tips that were easy to manipulate, and stayed put for me during activity—cycling, trail running, bleacher work etc.—without having to be snugged up tight. The anti-slip, silicon nose pad on the Sintryx also lived up to it’s promise. It was easily adjusted to the exact shape of the bridge of my nose, and I haven’t had any issues with it slipping while in motion.


Quick-Change Lens System

I’ve tested a lot of performance sunglasses over the years, and thank heaven the systems created to get those darn buggers out of the frame are getting better! I can tell you exactly why Rudy is promoting with the title, “Simple and Intuitive Lens Changing System Celebrated by Athletes,” because the spring-loaded system eliminates fear of breaking the frame—it’s one of the best systems I’ve tested. Just a single push on the logo button is all that’s needed to release the frame, and allow easy removal of the lenses. I’ll update this review as my wear and tear on the system continues, but so far, so good.



In addition to quality, one of the main reasons why users remain loyal to Rudy Project, is their fantastic guarantee policies—and thankfully, this extends to the Sintryx. The Sintryx frame is covered by their three year replacement warranty; no tricks, no super-fine print. If there are any defects in materials or workmanship found during this three year period, Rudy Project will replace your Sintryx for free. Moreover, the Replacement Lens Guarantee insures that customers can replace scratched or damaged lenses for nominal fee, with no questions asked. While I haven’t needed to use the guarantee myself, I chatted briefly in spin class with a triathlete who had a small problem with her aero helmet. She raved about their guarantee policy and after her experience with Rudy’s customer service, she now owns an additional helmet, and two pair of Rudy sunglasses. I’d say, that’s not a bad plug for the brand.


Final Say

The Rudy Project Sintryx is a fantastic pick for any athlete this holiday season. While the sticker price may shock non-athletes, as soon as you open the box, it’s immediately worth every penny. Their meticulous design and light-weight frame will win over any athlete this Christmas.



For more information about the Sintryx, and other Rudy Project products, go to:

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