SOCK GUY is a great option for cycling socks with character

SockGuy’s good lookin’ and hilarious socks are attractive in style and performance. The cuff height socks by the names of ‘Area 51’ and ‘Kenny’ are a perfect example for my reasoning. With Micro Denier Acrylic fabric done in a flat-knit, this sock is both comfortable and durable. I’ve found myself wearing them for both fashion and sport. I’m just not okay with taking these socks off my feet, and neither should you!

Since 1996, SockGuy has made ‘the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear’, is what they promise. I also testify that they have accomplished what they promised. With their team filled with expert racing experience, these ‘sports enthusiasts’ know socks and LOVE them. The second goal past comfort, is durability. Their standard of 93% ultra-wicking fiber is what separates them from other manufacturers. All their socks are made natively in the USA, unlike  many other competitors. Which is a price they are willing to pay so your feet don’t suffer.

One of the things that shouldn’t be overlooked are the designs for these socks. Also, for me at least, it’s my favorite part of the sock. Goofy designs like ‘breakfast’ and ‘f’bomb’ will have you and your buddies laughing on the trail. If you want patriotic, funny, or iconic; Sockguys can satisfy.

Sock Guy is well known for being the company that can manufacturer custom socks with about any logo.  On the website you will be blown away as you scroll through the variety of socks that are in the regular collection.  You can check out all the style and variety.

Sock Guy also makes arm sleeves and cycling toe cozies.  Check out the accessories section on the site.

Written by Jonah Barlow Lewis 16 year old triathlete and all around great musician.

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