TIME Xpro 10 carbon road pedals

While testing out the TIME Xpro 10 road pedals I was thinking about all the different choices there are available for cycling pedals.  I assumed that a pedal with 0 float would give you better performance and power transfer.  I arrived at my conclusion while spinning away that this is not necessarily true.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  Allow me to explain.  I thought in my own mind that in order to have exceptional performance, control, and power that you should have minimal float.  TIME pedals are different.  There is no deficiency in the pedal stroke due to the float in the cleat.  One of the main reasons is that the sole of the shoe is as close as possible to the pedal axle.  I was pleasantly surprised by this.

TIME  Xpro 10 road pedals are smooth and crisp.  Clipping in and out is precise and intuitive.  This clipping in is not as hard as most pedals because of the open system. It is open and when you clip in it closes around the cleat. This is more like a mouse trap. It closes when it is supposed to not when you force it open.

The shape of the pedal visibly seems minimal especially for a 3 hole shoe compatible pedal.  The pedal is sleek and light.  The shape is very aerodynamic.  There is no aspect that feels or looks bulky.

TIME Xpro 10 road pedals have angular and lateral float.  This does not
diminish the  performance.  This amount of float decreases the risk
of joint trauma.  It also allows for a much more comfortable ride at long

The spring tension, float, and Q factor are all adjustable by switching the cleat position or buying a different cleat. Overall I am pleasantly surprised at the stability, comfort, & efficiency of the TIME Xpro 10 road pedal.  Check out the details at https://www.time-sport.com/int-en/time-xpro-10-pedals

Also,  TIME has just started making bike shoes again in ITALY.  These high end shoes look amazing.  

They look as good or better in real life.
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