XLAB DUOPOD store essentials while training & racing

The DUO pod is a waterproof container to store your essentials safely.

One thing that really bothers me is having to put all my nutrition and some “just in case money” in my jersey. On long rides, or really most any ride, this ends up being quite a few things flopping around and I find my self adjusting them and flipping them back to where it sits somewhat more comfortably on my back. Still, I frequently get poked by some package or bar or gel or something. Not to mention that every time I pull something out there is the risk of me grabbing and losing that $10 bill that I have back there. That’s where this lightweight gem comes in real handy. Absolutely nothing is poking and annoying me. The first time I used it I actually sat up in a panic because I thought I forgot my nutrition because it hadn’t bothered me but then I realized it was completely safe and stored in the DUO pod. There is actually a separate compartment to put a key or some money in which I really appreciate. There is plenty of storage for all the nutrition and repair essentials that you would need. The DUO pod is a no-brainer. I am glad that I found this gear. It adds virtually no weight and is well worth the cost. #nomorepokedback

The DUO POD easily fits in your bike cage.  It includes an internal bag to keep items from rattling around.  Only 14.95  www.xlab-usa.com/duo-pod

by Chad Pace

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