5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants

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5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants

Wow! I haven’t found a pair of pants I honestly love as much as these pants in a long time. Yeah, I have that old pair of jeans that have been kicking around for almost 10 years, but they are nothing compared to the 5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants. The 5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants are so comfortable, but yet so durable and usable still.

PocketsRear Pocket

5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants have the traditional 2 pockets in front, 1 small pocket nested inside the right front pocket, and 2 pockets on the back that you would expect from a pair of jeans. There are 2 additional pockets added on the rear of the pants just slightly above each traditional rear pocket. These 2 additional pockets are slightly hidden because they are in-line with one of the seems on the pants. Nothing really unique here other than the fact that there are 2 additional pockets. All the pockets are normal sized, and that is perfect.


So why do I really love these pants? I love them because of the excellent combination of durability and comfort. I like my pants to be slim fitting, but not so tight that my feet don’t get blood circulated to them. I like my pants to be able to take a beating, stand up to a spur-of-the-moment hike, and be able to breathe. Above all, though, I never wear jeans that don’t have spandex in the material. The 5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants are made using 66% cotton, 31% polyester, and 3% elastane. This blend of fabrics allows the pants to be very mobile and also able to breathe very well. To really emphasize my point here, I would rather wear these pants hiking than my traditional hiking pants. No matter what the occasion is, these pants won’t disappoint.


As I already mentioned, the 5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants are excellent performers. They offer excellent stretch, thanks to the included 3% elastane in the construction. This allows free movement of your legs with no limitation. The unique thing about these pants, though, is the blend between toughness and comfort. They really are tough pants. Typically when a pair of pants are made to be tough it usually means that they are going to be stiff, non-fitting, and not super comfortable. That is not the case with these pants. With the 5.11 Defender-Flex Slim Pants, there are no compromises.


I have found my favorite pair of everyday pants. I highly recommend these to everyone. I currently only own 1 color, but I plan to buy multiple colors because of how much I enjoy wearing these pants. For more information, or to get your own, visit 5.11 Tactical.

If you’re interested in pants that are more technical, check out my review on the 5.11 Apex Pant.

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