5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt Review


5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt Review

Sometimes in my busy life I don’t have much time between my daily todo items. There is just never enough time to be able to fit everything I want to do into a single day. I go to work, I go on a hike or to the gym, I do some yard work at home, I clean the house, then off to bed. It is nice to have clothing that can be worn comfortably through all of these todo items, that is where the 5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt shines. The 5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt is an excellent all around shirt for all occasions. It offers great style and does not compromise on performance. The uses of this shirt range from a formal event (thanks to its button-up collar design) to exercising (thanks to its excellent breathability).


The 5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt is made using 100% polyester, great right? I love polyester shirts because they breath well and dry out very fast. This shirt is different from all other polyester shirts I have owned in the past, though, because of its unique stitching pattern. While wearing this shirt, no one can see the difference, but if I take the shirt off and hold it up in the air above me, with some light behind it, I can see a bunch of little holes in the shirt (see photo on the right). This means that not only is the shirt made of very breathable fabric, but it is stitched in a way that allows increased breathability. To top it off, 5.11 has used their RAPIDraw placket (snap buttons) to allow quick opening of the shirt. 5.11 is very conscious of CCW users, and this feature is very nice for that purpose. It also comes in handy when you want to pretend you’re superman and rip your shirt open quickly. The build quality is excellent in this shirt, and unlike other shirts, I have no fear of grabbing the top of this shirt and ripping it open. Other shirts may not hold up to this kind of abuse, but this thing has no problem. Thanks to the tactical nature of 5.11 gear, this shirt is built to be tough and last a long time.


As mentioned above, the 5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt is extremely breathable. Seriously, it is more breathable than all of my polyester activewear shirts I own. I have used this shirt for many hikes and runs because it is simply the most breathable shirt I own. Amazing considering that it looks so nice. Thanks to its extreme ability to breath combined with its nice look, the 5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt can really be worn in any occasion. I don’t want to write all the specific instances where this shirt can be worn, because really the possibilities are endless. However, I do want to note that since this shirt is so breathable, it really doesn’t provide any warmth at all. So when temperatures drop, don’t forget a jacket.


Overall the 5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt is a pretty simple and good looking design. It is a snap-up (rather than button-up) collared short sleeve shirt with a single breast pocket. I really love the look of this shirt. It is offered in 4 different color options, I chose the Volcanic color option because of it’s ability to match any color of pant. All of the colors have a great looking tonal weave and will make you look good while you do what you do.


The 5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a universal shirt. This thing is capable of outperforming most shirts while looking good. It has a formal look that makes it perfect for work, but an active feel that makes it perfect for the most intense outings. Get yours today here. If you want some pants to go with this shirt, I would highly recommend the 5.11 Apex Pants. You can read my review about the 5.11 Apex Pant here.


5.11 Intrepid Short Sleeve Shirt


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