Ground 2 Table- Pre-mixed Herbs and Spices

Eating a clean diet is worth every bite when it comes to athletic performance, but even the most devoted nutrition guru is bound to get bored now and then. Ground 2 Table, just might have another quick and easy option with their blend of herbs and spices.


What is it?

Ground 2 Table offers relief from monotony with small packets of pre-mixed organic herbs and spices, usually enough for one to three meals. The herbs and spices are organic, non-GMO, salt-free, sugar-free and kosher. In markets all over the world, people commonly purchase only enough spices for the next few meals, to ensure they remain fresh and nutrient rich. Ground 2 Table has embraced this same concept with their motto; “Buy small, use it all.” Smaller quantities, means your herbs and spices stay fresh and delicious.


I’ve lived in many parts of the country and and traveled quite a bit, so I’ve always loved changing up things in the kitchen with herb blends and spices. And while a few of the mixtures are similar to those you can find in your grocery store, Ground 2 Table has their own distinctive twist, and tastes much fresher overall.

With 12 different combinations to choose from, I quickly set about spreading the love to friends willing to give these packets a whirl. While the flavors are great, the most common bit of feedback I received was in reference to the convenience of the small portions. They loved the idea of taking the packets, along with their food, for an overnight hike, or race weekend. With no sugar or salt added, they also liked the option it gave them to adjust these for their own needs; (ie. add more salt for race weekend, less for training days.)

Final Say

applesThe 12 blends offered are what I would consider the very basics for your kitchen, and I would love to see a larger expansion of flavor into other cultures, even those within the US. From what I’ve read about Ground 2 Table, I would guess expansion is on the horizon. One of my surprise favorites is blend no. 12, Cinnamon & Spice. It’s a delicious blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. When sprinkled over cut pieces of a tart apple–like Honeycrisp–it tastes like a piece of the most amazing apple pie. My kids still ask for “the apple pie, apples” almost daily.

The packets retail for $1.99 each or can be bought in the complete set of 12 for $19.99.


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