Under Armour Launch Sunglasses

I’ve always grown up in a house where sunglasses were always available. I’ve seen a lot of good brands that maintained a balance of style and functionality. But of all the sunglasses brands out there, I was surprised to find myself enjoying a pair of Under Armour Sunglasses. These shades are sleek and have amazing lenses that keep your eyes at rest.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Under Armour is going to give you the best in durability and quality. We tested out the Launch.  This pair of sunglasses holds a sweet balance of durability and style. The shape perfectly fits where it needs to and they are a snug fit. Trust me when I say these glasses won’t be bouncing off your nose. This durability is matched with a very simple yet sleek style that contends with many other high end brands.

The best part about these glasses is the coverage they offer. The lens wraps around to your temples perfectly to offer full eye coverage.  I never feel like it is taking up my entire face like some optics. The polarized lens is great and gives clear sight at all 180 degrees.  The hidden eye vents are a plus for air flow and fogging prevention.

These glasses are definitely an investment. At $159 US these are top of the line quality that is not cutting any corners. The Under Armour Launch Sunglasses are bold. With sleek style that’s balanced out with a durable and comfortable shape, I would highly recommend these sunglasses to anyone who is looking for comfort and reliability in high activity events then these are the glasses for you.


Check out the new line and all the different styles go to: www.underarmour.com/launch-storm-polarized-sunglasses

by Isaac Lewis

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