Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket

Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket provides premium flexibility

Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket

Have you ever been to Norway? It is a beautiful country! I was able to test the Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket in Norway, where Helly Hansen products have been designed and developed since 1877! In the month of July, Stavanger, Norway has an average high temperature of 18°C (64°F), an average of 18 rainy days, and an average of 54mm of rain. This is where I spent the majority of my time reviewing this jacket. It was the perfect environment to put the Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket to the test.

The Tactile Tech


The Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket is a very well rounded jacket. It is extremely breathable while still providing great waterproofing and windproofing. It is made using Helly Tech 2.5 layer fabric with 100% polyurethane laminate (hood, front body, top sleeve, cuff and back yoke) and highly breathable double weave softshell made of 89% polyester and 11% elastane, with a peached back and DWR front (center front panel, back body, under sleeve and side body). The materials feel very premium. The entire jacket has a bit of stretch, which provides excellent range of mobility. Whether I was hiking, jogging, playing on stilts, or walking through a mall this jacket was always comfortable.


Pure Performance

Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket at Preikestolen

Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket at Preikestolen

I was able to really put this jacket to the test while hiking Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), thanks to the variety of weather. For the 2.4 miles from the bottom to the summit I experienced clear warm weather. The jacket’s breathability worked great to keep me from sweating and the wind proofness of the jacket kept me warm with the light breeze. This jacket was a perfect source of warmth in the 50°F weather.

While enjoying the views at the summit rain started coming down. From that point, and for the 2.4 miles returning to the trailhead I faced a never-ending cloudburst. Most of the people on the trail had jackets that were completely soaked through. When I reached the end of the trail I had some areas of my body that got wet, but the Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket kept me, for the most part, dry. I was very happy with the performance of this lightweight jacket.

Additional Awesomeness

The Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket features 3 internal pockets (1 zippered) and 2 external zippered pockets. There is one elastic cord in the waistband and two elastic cords in the hood that allow you to tighten the jacket and hood exactly to your liking. Covered vents can be found under each arm as well as in the center of the back. These vents are not zippered, but are covered by a flap that will keep water out.

Exhaustive Ending

The Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket is very well suited for almost all adventures and adventurers. Thanks to its breathable material you can arrive at your destination without being sweaty. Thanks to its 2.5 layer softshell you can stay dry from whatever the clouds have to throw at you. This jacket provides excellent mobility and stretch, you probably won’t even notice you’re wearing it. It looks good, it feels great, and it performs even better. I love it. For more info check it out at Helly Hansen.

Helly Hansen Vanir Logr Jacket

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