A Fanny Pack to Rule Them All? The NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack

NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack

The NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack

Looking for an excellent quality hip pack, fanny pack, or a great pack to attach to your bike? How about a durable clutch or camera bag? No, you’re an artist and you need a bag to keep your supplies organized. Well, lucky for you, the NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack can do all of these things, and so much more. It is the universal compact bag for an active lifestyle. It can be tailored to your specific needs. It is comfortable, waterproof, and durable.


NorthSt prides themselves in the fact that they use only the highest quality materials in all of their products. Their products are made in Portland, Oregon using materials manufactured in USA. This bag, the NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack, is made from waterproof X-Pac™ LiteSkin™ sailcloth. X-Pac™ sailcloth is a durable, lightweight, and abrasion resistant material with a waterproof laminate backing made by Dimension Polyant in Connecticut. X-Pac™ provides durable weather protection without a significant weight penalty. This means that the NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack is going to last a very long time, regardless of what weather it is used in, and it will keep dry any contents inside of it. Read more about the materials used by NorthSt here.

StrapsStrap Clip

NorthSt offers 2 types of straps that can be used with this pack. The $12 adjustable waist strap provides you with traditional straps to use this pack as a hip pack or fanny pack. The $12 bicycle handlebar straps give you a very adjustable method of attaching the pack to your bicycle. Both strap accessories utilize smart 1.5” gatekeeper hardware that allows you to change the setup of the bag on the fly. If you don’t think that the standard straps are going to satisfy your needs, don’t worry, you can use your own belt with this pack thanks to the loops on the back.


NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip PackSo where do you put your stuff? Well, that depends on what stuff you’re planning to carry. At 9” x 6” x 3” there is plenty of room for all the essentials. There are 3 main pockets in the NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack. Most of your items will go in the main pocket, since it is the biggest. It is big enough that I was able to fit my DSLR with standard lens without any problem. This was a very convenient way to carry around my DSLR because it is so quick and easy to get to. If you have smaller items, you may want more organization. This is easily accomplished with the internal velcro pocket accessory. Velcro spans the entire width of the main pocket, so you can attach velcro accessories however you wish. An internal zipper pocket (found inside of the main pocket) with sub-organizers inside are great for stowing small items like batteries, memory cards, or a wireless mouse. The front zippered pocket is great for storing a phone, wallet, or other small items that you like to get to quickly.


The NorthSt Pioneer 9 Hip Pack is a very well-rounded compact bag. I can really feel that this bag is a quality product when I hold it in my hands, and I love that it is made in USA! The strap options make this bag very easy to use, no matter what activity I am participating in. The bag provides plenty of space for all of my necessities, and allows me to organize them in a simple way. Overall, I am very happy with this bag and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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