2XU 3/4 MCS Thermal Tights make you go longer

Compression tights can add benefits to your training & recovery.  These MCS tights are excellent for Skiing & Riding long days on the lifts or in the backcountry.

2XU developed the MCS compression tights to protect against common injuries. They researched and tracked all the major muscle groups that are most prone to injury. Then they formulated the muscle wrapping technology to decrease muscle fatigue and protect against micro tears.

How does it work?

2XU has added stamping to the MCS tights that are patterned support lines that increase muscle containment in the areas that need it most.  This added benefit creates better outcomes and increases the overall support of the major muscle groups.

MCS stands for Muscle, Containment, Stamping.  This is really the mapping of the anatomical form in the legs.  This includes how the muscles lengthen and contract.  The benefits of this in skiing and snowboarding are amazing.

While tearing up the corduroy or hitting the pow the muscles lengthen and contract extensively.  I was able to ride more comfortably with the MCS tights.  My recovery from 5 straight hours on the hill were great.

The tights don’t have a draw string. They don’t need one because once you put them in position the stamping holds them comfortably where they need to be bending up and down they stretch in an anticipatory way.

Quoting the Co-founder of 2XU Jamie Hunt:

“I am a 45 year old, ex pro athlete who still thinks my body can put up with the same workload I’d employ when I was much younger. Not surprisingly, I have noticed over the years that my muscles are not as elastic and forgiving as they once were. I simply cannot train and recover without compression anymore.”

I am also 45 years old and I totally agree.  Compression is a tool that helps me train comfortably, recover better and hit it again the next day.

I just took the MCS tights on a 2 day Cat Skiing trip.  I was not sore at all.  We were lapping the mountain for almost 6 hours of each day.  I credit some of that to my training and a lot of it to these amazing tights.  129,00 US worth every penny.

Check out these tights for any cold weather activity.  http://www.2xu.com/us/p/mcs-thermal-3/4

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