A Relief From Pain

If you have participated in a multi sport event in the last several years you have probably had a chance to use some type of pain relief gel or ointment.





BIO FREEZE: This gel is blue and a little sticky with a strong menthol smell. This works well but it does not seem to last very long. The company recommends that up to four applications per day may be necessary. The idea of Cryotherapy is nothing new, itworks by creating a cooling sensation that is transmitted through the nerve endings to the brain. It transmits at speeds faster than most pain sensations or warming sensations. Unlike icing an area, Biofreeze allows blood to continue to flow to the area so that it can be naturally repaired. Biofreeze comes in seven applications and can be found at most local athletic stores. For purchase information, go to: www.biofreeze.com






TRAUMEEL: This is white with the consistency of lotion. No smell, works well but no menthol and a bit greasy. Without the menthol it is hard to tell if it is working since there is no tingle. This is what I used regularly until recently.Positive results have shown that Traumeel is indeed effective and appropriate for use in cases of epicondylitis, tendinitis/tendinosis, etc. This unique combination comes in a number of diffferent applications, including injections. The website comments on Traumeel effectiveness by saying, “Furthermore, several studies have shown that Traumeel’s inflammation-regulating effects are due to direct impact on immune cells.” For more information and purchase information go to: www.traumeel.com






DR. HOY’S: This is my personal favorite. It is a great consistency of non greasy lotion and menthol. In it’s easy to apply dispenser it acts quickly and provides instant relief. The menthol smell goes away after about 30 minutes, but the relief feels like it lasts for about 3 hours. If you are looking for a pain relief gel that is all natural and does the job DR. HOY’S is the real deal. The menthol and camphor formula is cool when applied, then gradually warms to provide comforting pain relief from soreness caused by overworked muscles and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, sprains, backache, joints and strains. The combined action of the classic natural pain relievers – Menthol and Camphor (as well as skin conditioners Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, glycerin and fucogel) make this a truly unique product. I tried my first sample at the St. George IRONMAN 2010 and have used it ever since. For sales locations an application instructions go to:  http://drhoys.com

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