Athlete’s Stocking-Stuffer Guide

No ideas? No worries! We’ve compiled a list of last-minute stocking-stuffers available online and in your local stores, to make any athlete swoon Christmas morning.

Body Glide – Protective Skincare

Retail $4.99 – $9.99 USD,

Protection is always easier than recovery, and nothing is more irritating to an endurance athlete than waiting to heal. Body Glide specializes in preventing what begins as a minor irritation, but can quickly advance into open blisters, chaffing and messy wounds. All products are 100% natural and hypoallergenic—most contain no fragrance or parabens. If you’re not sure which to try first, I highly suggest the ‘Skin’ anti-chaffing cream; it doesn’t have the greasy feeling of other brands, and dries quickly. All you need is a good application before activity, and the effect is long lasting—better than other brands we’ve tested in the past. Every body is different, so if another application is needed later in the day, make sure to give it a minute to soak in, before resuming activity. Women can also try the ‘For Her,’ anti-chaffing stick, made especially for women who need help around the bust-line and thighs. Another favorite is ‘Relief’—a heat therapy pain stick. Any level of athlete will like the gentle warming sensation that helps to relax sore muscles. It’s easily applied without getting on hands, and can be used before and after workouts, and since they come in a few sizes, they’re perfect for stuffing in any workout bag.


Vim&Vigr – Fashion Compression Socks

Retail $34.95,

Vim&Vigr is about to win you major points with your athlete—compression socks they can wear all day, without looking like a complete goob. The socks are available for men and women in nylon, moisture wick nylon, cotton and, our favorite for winter, wool. Vim&Vigr has included styles for wider calves as well as options in compression sleeves. The many excellent design options won big points with our testers, and were chosen as a favorite for gift-giving to friends. They’re available in moderate (15-20mmHg) and higher compression (20-30mmHg), and are even available in gift sets, through the holiday season. With so many options available (and currently on sale) in Vim&Vigr’s ever expanding line, it’s easy to find a pair of socks that feel fantastic, and no one can even tell they’re compression—exactly why we chose them as a great gift.


Sven Can See – Anti-Fog Gel

Retail $10.95,

Fogging lenses can be an endless nightmare, no matter the sport. Sven Can See anti-fog gel is one of those rare products—thank you—that lives up to all promises. A few sprays, and a good wipe down at room temperature, was all it took for the gel to keep everything we tested fog free. From sunglasses while ice climbing, trail running and snowshoeing to keeping swim goggles fog-free, we were extremely impressed. The only time we had some slight fogging, was around the edges of a pair of glacier goggles, when the temps dipped pretty low—even for us to be out playing. Upon checking the website, we discovered that Sven Can See even has a specialized blend for anti-fog/frost protection in extreme temps—something we’ll have to try next time. Sven Can See is odor free, alcohol free, 100% safe and biodegradable, and is an absolute must for any level of athlete in hot or cold temperatures, and ideal as a stocking-stuffer.


Hydrapack – Speed Cups 4-Pack

Retail $20.00 USD,

Ideal for everything from car camping to hiking or racing, these collapsible, reusable polyurethane cups made our list, thanks to their pack-ability and quality. The cups are abrasion resistant and super durable—which I mercilessly tested by twisting, crushing and cramming one repeatedly into my running vest. They can be frozen or used with hot liquids, and feature an integrated finger loop to provide support when drinking and stacking. As is the norm with Hydrapak, you know you’re getting a high-quality product, and at $20.00 for a pack of four, they make a great addition to any outing—our family even keeps an extra set in our center console, just in case.

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