AVEX Mixfit Shaker Bottle, The Ultimate Shaker

Have you ever used a shaker bottle? Have you ever been left disappointed by how chunky your protein shake is in your shaker bottle? You aren’t alone, I have a solution for you!

The Solution

The AVEX Mixfit Shaker Bottle is the solution. What makes this bottle unique? The bottom of the bottle is rounded, which means no sharp corners for the powder to be able to hide.  It also has a heavier shaker ball than most shaker bottles. Think of it as a wrecking ball coming to crush all the protein powder. Both of these things mean smoother protein shakes and more goodness for you!

Daily Use

Most of the time, when I use this bottle, I throw my ingredients into the bottle right before leaving my house. The Mixfit Shaker Bottle has a tight lid that locks to avoid leaks. This allows me to easily shake the bottle to mix the ingredients as I am driving. The lid also has a loop on it that can be used as a handle or a point to connect to a carabiner. If I haven’t finished the shake by the time I’m done driving, I use this to clip the bottle onto my backpack with a carabiner.


The Mixfit bottle is easy to clean. With the smooth corners in the bottom of the bottle it not only helps to mix the powder better, but also makes the bottle super easy to clean. With all the chunks of powder being mixed up completely, there isn’t much left over to clean.  I usually just rinse the bottle out with some hot water, then leave it out to dry for the next day’s shake. Couldn’t be any better.

If you’re interested in seeing more specifics about this amazing shaker bottle, make sure to check it out here!

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