BALEGA evolves the iconic ENDURO V-Tech Performance Sock

I have tested a great number of high quality socks.  When I look in my sock drawer the BALEGA pairs take a front row seat.  Especially this most recent update of the iconic sock.  The Enduro V-tech is a great sock.

One of the greatest characteristics of a good sock is how it feels the first time you wear it and the 20th time it is worn.  A great sock doesn’t change much.  You just become more attached.


The feature that stands out the most is the really soft inside of the sock.  I have never had a blister with these socks.  They shape to my foot in a balanced way allowing for normal foot movement.  The V-Tech is a pressure free construction so there are no pressure points.  They wear well with trail running, road running, and circuit training.  And after multiple washings the comfort remains the same.


I am very impressed with BALEGA durability.  It is difficult to balance soft and tough.  The BALEGA Enduro V-tech has strong weaving in just the right spots to make these socks last.  For a medium cushion sock it can withstand whatever endurance event you are involved in.


BALEGA has proprietary wicking fibers called Drynamix.  There are ventilation panels that help with breathability.  If you are wearing a show that is breathable these socks are a great companion.  Because of this sock does not have sections that bunch up in the toe or heel.


These are available now in 3 styles: Low Cut $13 US, Quarter $14, and Crew $15.  This is a fair price for this super comfortable sock.

BALEGA is a leading performance sock brand in the run specialty market.  They are part of the Implus family of brands.  The company develops products in both South Africa & North Carolina.  All their socks are crafted for superior fit and unmatched performance.

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