BLDG ACTIVE All natural skin repair

BLDG Active Kills 99% of all bacteria thus speeding healing and repair for your scrapes and other skin irritations.

Through the everyday training and adventures of life we get cuts, scrapes, sores, cracks, blisters, rashes, insect bites, sunburns , and other skin irritations. BLDG Active can help with all of these issues to keep life moving.

We tested out the BLDG with dry cracking skin, cuts, scrapes, and even a saddle sore.  The BLDG Active really does speed up the healing process without using toxic substances like: peroxide, antibiotic gels, alcohol, anti-itch, etc.  A normal crack or cut can take a few days or a week to heal.  We found that this time is cut in half or better with this amazing all natural formula.

The product is in a gel and a spray.  They are both soothing and comfortable to apply.  There is no stinging.  The gel and the spray don’t leave a residue.  The solution seems to absorb quickly into the skin.

I was really impressed with the saddle sore that healed after one treatment.  This product is extremely effective and helps speed up the healing process with any skin irritation on hands, feet, arms etc.

This product belongs in your first aid and travel kit.  If you don’t mind the price.  This is a high end product that you will pay 24.99 US for the spray & 29.99 for the hydrogel.  The spray and gel both can be used extensively before running out.

As with most high quality products you get what you pay for.  This is no exception.  Find this awesome product @

BLDG Active is focused on bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to the sports we love by sourcing products that are superior to current over-the-counter solutions, both in effectiveness and environmental impact.  Our clinically proven products simply work, helping you recover faster to get back to the sports you love.

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