Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM Bluetooth Speaker

Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM Bluetooth Speaker

Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM Bluetooth Speaker

It’s hard to beat the Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus bluetooth speaker. I have tried many bluetooth speakers, and this one is my favorite. This bluetooth speaker is loud and clear, has FM radio, and it is IP66 water-resistant and dust-resistant.


This bluetooth speaker is so much louder than any of my other bluetooth speakers I’ve owned in the past.  It has dual speakers, and they truly pack some power. When you turn the speaker to max volume it gets slight distortion, but you would never want to sit close enough to be able to hear the distHercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM Bluetooth Speakerortion because it is LOUD. Don’t worry, it plays clearly at low volume as well. I love the sound quality of this speaker.
This speaker is tough. It is rated with an IP66 rating, so no need to worry about it getting damaged when using it on a beach, in the mountains, or while riding a bike. This thing can take a beating, while continuing to deliver superb audio quality. Hercules even equipped this speaker with a standard-size screw thread for easy mounting (examples: bike mount, tripod, suction cup mount, etc.). They intended this speaker to be insurmountable.


This bluetooth speaker is simple. It has 4 buttons (+, -, FM, and power), a charge port, and an 8mm port if you don’t want to use bluetooth. The buttons + and – buttons are used to skip songs and radio stations, control volume, or press them both to play/pause (mute when in FM mode).  The FM button can be used to put the speaker into bluetooth pairing mode or to switch the speaker quickly between bluetooth and FM mode. FM mode is a very nice addition to this speaker. Listen to the game while washing your car. Tune into a drive-in movie, or tune into your favorite radio station. The best part, is you can control all of this easily from an app.

WAE Music App To Contol Bluetooth SpeakerThe WAE Music app can be downloaded to your Apple or Android device to help you control the speaker. The app can be used to scroll through FM radio stations using an easy scrollable menu, or set favorite radio stations for quick access. Use the app to tune the speaker to your liking with preset sound modes (Rock, Pop, Electro, etc.) or using custom bars for bass/medium/treble.   Have you ever fell asleep to music playing on your speaker, only to wake up at 2 A.M. to have to get up and turn it off so you can sleep? No more with this speaker. The app gives you a sleep timer! Set it, and go to sleep for the entire night.

I recommend this bluetooth speaker to everyone. It is a universal, portable, and durable speaker. It meets sound quality expectations and performs incredibly well for any situation.

Get yours today from Amazon! Still not convinced? Check out the details on this bluetooth speaker on the manufacturer’s website.

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