COCOOIL is amazing for thirsty skin

I am a huge fan of anything with Coconut. I eat something with Coconut in it everyday. I love the smell of it, and the taste of it. I have been training for Ironman St. George over the last several months in the hot sun. COCOOIL has been the best sunscreen I have ever used.

COCOOIL is natural skincare formulated with Fairtrade cold-pressed organic coconut oil and natural botanicals – full of vitamins and antioxidants to feed your skin with nutrients that hydrate, nourish, and protect skin.

I am a big believer in sunscreen. With summertime training I really focus on protecting my skin. COCOOIL has SPF 30 & 50. Without any strange chemicals. My skin is so comfortable when I use this product. Some sunscreen actually dries out my skin. This hydrates my skin with every application.

I live in the high desert. This means that the sun can have a greater effect because I typically am training at 5k feet or higher. I am closer to the sun. Altitude dries me out quickly. This high altitude desert environment is low humidity and very dry. COCOOIL helps to balance out the way that skin gets dried out. For example on a typical sunny day I will apply sunscreen a couple times even if it is a little cloudy. Then when I go home, get cleaned up, hop in the shower I get out and my skin needs moisture. When I have used this the product last throughout the day I don’t get dried out. A little dab goes a long way. My skin feels fantastic. There is a powerful lasting effect from using this regularly.

Good thing that COCOOIL comes in different sizes and varieties. My favorite if I am not going to be in the sun is the regular body oil

As you can see in this picture they also have post sun products in a smaller portable travel size.

In closing this is the best skin care product I have ever used. Not just because I love coconut. The full size bottle is a great value.

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