Copper Joint compression socks = comfort & pain relief

The Copper Joint adds real copper ions that can decrease swelling and ease pain during activity.


Copper Joint compression socks are very smooth. They slide on easily without a bunch of wrestling. I really enjoyed running in these. They have good stretch and are secure all the way from the lower knee to the toes.


I have heard of the benefits of copper for a long time. I even had a copper bracelet that helped me with chronic back pain. The benefits of copper are real. I like the concept of having the copper joint compression socks actually sewn together with organic copper. Some of the benefits of copper are better blood circulation, durability, anti microbial, anti bacteria, better join comfort, anti itch. In our testing these socks are very comfortable. I can verify the claims of all of these benefits.


Compression and big price tag usually go hand in hand. At the time of this post you can get a pair for about $35.00 US. This is a fantastic price for durable high quality compression socks. Honestly, I was surprised that they wear as well as any other higher priced compression sock that I have tested.

see for yourself


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