Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster

Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster

Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster

Let me start out by saying that I LOVE the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster. Now a days, most people prefer to take photos using a smartphone because carrying around a traditional camera is too much of a hassle. I was the same way just a few months ago until I realized how much better my photos could be if I used a real camera.

My Business Idea

I decided to purchase the Fujifilm X-T20, a mirrorless camera, because of it’s small-ish form factor. I absolutely love the quality of the shots I am able to get, but I quickly noticed that taking this camera everywhere wasn’t easy. It can be a bit awkward having a camera hanging on your neck everywhere you go. I especially was bothered by the neck strap while on a backpacking trip in the mountains near my house a few months ago. I noticed that as I walked along the trail my neck would get really sweaty and uncomfortable, because of the camera strap. I came up with this brilliant business idea to make a way to attach my camera with a quick-release to my backpack shoulder strap. That way I don’t have the annoyance of the camera hanging from my neck, but I still have the ability to quickly access my camera when a vibrantly colored scene appears. When I got home, I did some searching online and found the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster. It was exactly what I had thought of, but better. I guess I won’t become a millionaire off this one… I was very excited to get my own Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster to try out to see if it would really be as good as it seemed. I was a little hesitant because of the kind of high price because I wasn’t sure if it would actually be a very useful accessory. I can gladly report that it is worth every penny.

To Peru and BackCotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster

Last month I was able to take the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster with me and my wife to Peru to hike the Inca Trail. The 45 kilometer (almost 28 miles) trail is spread across 4 days of hiking and has a lot of vertical gain/drop, so it’s definitely a workout. Throughout the entire journey I wore my Osprey Kestral 48 with the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster attached to the shoulder strap, just slightly above the chest strap on the Kestral. Having the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster made it so easy to take photos. I could remove my camera to take photos using just 1 hand, while still walking. All I had to do was grab my my camera body and spin it horizontally 90 degrees, then lift it about an inch to remove it from the holster. Once removed, I didn’t ever feel like my camera was in danger of being dropped because I left the safety tether connected at all times. The safety tether connects to 1 of the neck strap mounting points on my camera and the other end of the tether connects using a clip to the bottom of the G3 StrapShot Holster. Thanks to a convenient quick release, I could quickly disconnect it from my camera and pass the camera over to my wife when she wanted to take photos.


Throughout my entire journey, as well as on others that i’ve experienced since Peru, I have never felt like my camera was unsafe while docked in the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster. Which is very important to most photographers because of how expensive camera equipment can be. The holster is very easy to use. I simply twist my camera on its side and slide it into the holster, then twist it flat so that the lens is pointing toward the ground. Now the camera is locked in place until you twist it 90 degrees to the left or right. I am confident that the G3 StrapShot Holster can carry any camera/lens combination safely (as long as the backpack you attach it to has sturdy shoulder straps).

Convenience With Stability

I love the one-handed operation of the G3 StrapShot Holster. When my camera is in the G3 StrapShot Holster it is locked in place until I twist it. With an 18-55 lens (2.77” long) mounted on my camera body, it naturally hangs straight and never at any point spins to 90 degrees on its own. With a camera that isn’t lens heavy (like my Fujifilm X-T20 with the Fujinon 18mm pancake lens) I would imagine the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster might be a little less secure because the camera would have more tendency to spin side to side on its own. However, in that case you would still have to lift the camera upward about an inch to release it. So I think the camera would still be pretty stable. With a small system, though, I would probably prefer to just keep my camera in my pocket. This system really shines with the non-pocketable setups.

Attaching the Cotton Carrier

The Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster is basically a mount screwed into the bottom of your camera plus a velcro holster. Also included in the kit is a hand strap. The hand strap is built really well and seems like it would be a really nice feature, but it is just too big for my camera. The main problem is that the neck strap attachment points on my camera are on the sides of the camera, rather than the top, so it makes the hand strap unusable. The velcro holster has velcro wings that encase an additional velcro strap. The interior velcro strap can be wrapped around something that runs horizontally on a backpack shoulder strap to hold the G3 StrapShot Holster from falling vertically. Then the velcro wings are wrapped around the backpack shoulder strap to keep the G3 StrapShot Holster secure side-to-side. If there are no horizontal straps on your backpack shoulder strap then the interior velcro strap on the G3 StrapShot Holster can be ignored and you can instead use an adjustable piece of webbing that is attached to the top of the G3 StrapShot Holster to wrap around something that is farther away (like the carry handle on the top of a backpack). The universal design of the G3 StrapShot Holster also allows it to be used on a belt. Simply wrap the interior velcro strap around your belt, then close the velcro wings. The dual velcro design of this holster makes it very secure when mounted on a belt. Just keep in mind that all of the weight of your camera will be working to pull your pants down, so you’ll want to wear your belt tightly.


Overall, I really love the Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster. If you’re a photographer that usually wears a backpack (for carrying camera gear, for carrying water, or anything else), then I think you’ll love to have this accessory as an addition to your camera system. For additional info or to get your own, visit Cotton Carrier.

Cotton Carrier G3 StrapShot Holster

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