DRYGUY Force Dry DX Boot & Glove Dryer

Multiple days on the mountain are great.  If you can’t dry your boots & gloves effectively it can be very uncomfortable unless you have a DRYGUY boot dryer.

When I get back home after a nice day on the mountain one of the first things I do is take my gloves and boots and try to balance them on my heater vents.  Then I return the next day to find that my balancing techniques failed and I will be riding in soggy boots.  So glad that I don’t have to do that anymore.

If you have ever experienced this you know that damp boots or gloves are just wrong when you want to hit the first chair or dawn patrol.  The DRYGUY Force Dry DX Boot & Glove dryer is compact and powerful.  The long tubes are shaped perfectly to dry ski and snowboard boots while at the same time drying gloves.

The Force Dry DX has a 3 hour timer.  Drying for a typical day takes under an hour.  It it is a really wet day then the 3 hour timer does is necessary.  With the optional air or heat switch this allows for warming up boots and gloves before heading out into the elements.

The DRYGUY Force Dry DX packs a punch and is still easy to store and very light weight.  The machine is really quiet and creates minimal noise during the drying cycle.

I have dried different boots and gloves mulitple times on the Force Dry DX.  I am very pleased with the quality and efficiency.

This machine has made my winter more enjoyable.  I throw my boots and gloves on and know that when I come back they are completely dry.  For $79.95 this is a terrific value.  It you have a lot of kids get 2. dryguy.com/Force_Dry_DX 


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