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Dunning Sportswear

Absolutely my favorite new shirt!

Nothing feels better than throwing on a comfy pair of jeans with a nice button down after a day of racing or training. My wife always laughs because she goes straight to the pajamas and I put on my jeans and short sleeve shirt.

I love clothes that fit right. Every clothing company has a different philosophy for what would be considered LARGE. In some shirts I am a LARGE and others a MEDIUM. So that is why my new favorite shirt is my DUNNING short sleeve tour gingham woven. Craig Alexander is wearing it on the opening page of the website. This shirt looks great and is a very comfortable button down with a very nice breathable fabric.

Most shirts are either too big or too small if I go with L or M. If a shirt fits right I can’t cross my arms aggressively across my chest sometimes. When I do the back part of the shirt becomes very tight and then I feel like I might split out of it like TOMMY BOY (fat guy in a little coat). This is because the waist is not much smaller than the chest and shoulders area. The same applies around the top of the arm by the shoulder and arm pits, lots of shirts are really tight in this area even if the rest of the shirt feels fine. Shirts that fit well through the chest typically have enough room in the waist to fit a watermelon.

I am 6’ and weigh 170. The large is just right for me. I am so happy with the DUNNING slim fit. It tapers to my waist. I highly recommend checking out this apparel if you want clothing that fits an athletic build. The DUNNING has a perfect blend between comfort and style.

Dunning Sportswear

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