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Full Windsor Muncher

Full Windsor Muncher

The Full Windsor Muncher is an ultralight titanium eating multi-tool. Included with the Muncher is a handy hypalon case, carabiner, and a ferrocerium fire starting flint rod. Whether you’re out on a day hike or a long backpacking trip, this thing is light enough (and useful enough) to fit the packing list.

The Company

Full Windsor was founded in 2011 by award winning Kiwi product designer – Mark Windsor. Full Windsor produces a variety of useful everyday carry accessories. The Muncher started as a campaign on Kickstarter receiving 4,553 backers pledging a total of $268,539. The campaign was fully funded and now the Full Windsor Muncher has joined the Full Windsor product line as an official product.

DesignFull Windsor Muncher

With a spork on one end, butter knife on the other, and everything else in between, this thing has a great design. It is a beautifully designed piece of titanium. Have you ever broken your only fork or spoon while backpacking? I have, and it isn’t a fun experience. With the Muncher being made of sturdy titanium, I never have to worry about breaking another spork. The two ends (the parts you use to eat) have a highly polished finish in order to be easier to clean. Some sporks that I have tried are so shallow that you can barely scoop up any food with them, but that is not a problem with the Muncher. The dimensions are exactly what you would expect for an eating utensil:

  • Length – 6.5inch / 164mm    
  • Width – 1.4inch / 34mm    
  • Thickness – 0.06inch / 1.5mm    
  • Spork depth – 0.34inch / 8.6mm


The hypalon pouch included with the Full Windsor Muncher has a nice soft feel to it while still being very sturdy. The pouch is certainly strong enough to carry the Muncher and ferrocerium rod. When backpacking I found myself using the carabiner attached to the top of the pouch to attach it to my backpack. This makes it so quick and easy to get to the Muncher when it’s time to munch down some food. It also makes it so I don’t misplace my eating utensil somewhere in my backpack. Another convenient feature is the use of cord on the end of the ferrocerium rod. There isn’t much length, but in an emergency there is enough to tie something up.


The Full Windsor Muncher is one of the lightest and sturdiest eating utensils i’ve ever owned. How light is it? Well according to my scale the Muncher is 0.7 oz, the ferrocerium flint rod is 0.8 oz, and the hypalon case combined with the carabiner is 0.8 oz. So for a total of 2.3 oz, clipped onto any point on your pack (or even a belt loop) you can have the Muncher on your trip.  


Not only is the Full Windsor Muncher compact and light, but it is also useable. First, and foremost, the Muncher performs excellently as an eating utensil. This should be the main reason why you purchase this multi-tool. The spork is deep enough to use to scoop up soup. The serrated butter knife is sharp enough to cut through meat or other tough foods. You won’t have to worry about breaking your utensil again thanks to the sturdy titanium design. So as an eating utensil, the Muncher does not disappoint in any way. There are 8 other useful functionalities, though, that may be of interest to you. Here they are:

  • Full Windsor MuncherCan opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Peeler (for potato’s)
  • Fire starter
  • Cord cutter
  • Pry-bar
  • Box cutter
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Utensil Size

In my experience I noticed that all of the functionalities work, but some of them are slightly limited when compared to dedicated tools. For instance, the Muncher can be used to peel potatoes using the square hole in the middle of the device. However, when compared to a household potato peeler it takes about twice as long to peel a potato. I also found that the ferrocerium fire starting flint rod works, but it was not able to generate as large of a spark as my Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Scout. These limitations don’t limit me from using the Muncher, but I thought it was useful for you readers to know.


I absolutely love this little multi-tool. I loved being able to have a very strong spork to eat with while not having to carry heavy steel. Yes, I know it is only a matter of ounces, but it all adds up. The knife on the Muncher is very usable thanks to its serrated edge. It can cut through meat, vegetables, or whatever else I placed under its edge. The only downside to this item is the price, but if you afford to cough up the money, then I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. I love mine and it has become a permanent addition to my pack. Pick yours up today here!

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