Groove silicone rings comfort, variety, and airflow

Silicone rings have become very popular recently.  They are practical, safe, comfortable, cost effective, and allow for use in almost any physical activity. The Groove ring is all this and the most breathable.

Groove has focused on developing a ring that is more functional than any other silicone ring.  The Groove ring can actually breath.  After wearing a silicone ring for any extended period of time the skin underneath the ring becomes a little clammy.  There is absolutely ZERO airflow with most silicone rings.

The Groove ring solves the problem of airflow.  Each of the silicone rings have grooves on the skin side of the ring.  This surface displaces the concentrated heat or sweat.  The ring is really breathable. These grooves reduce the contact area on the skin.

Groove rings come in several colors.  There are 2 styles: The Original, and The Thin.  Both are great options.  I have used both styles running, road biking, MTB, golf, swimming, and even wore one for an Olympic distance triathlon.   This silicone ring is the best silicone ring for overall performance.

The picture shows a variety of rings with the grooves turned inside out.  This is the best way to see the area that will be against the skin.  When you purchase this ring get a variety.  It is really great to have a few different options.

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