Hi-Tec–Lifestyle and Performance Socks

  • Performance HikingReinforced heel and toe
  • Merino wool/Acrylic blend
  • Arch compression support
  • 9” leg
  • Deep heel pocket
  • Extended cushion through leg
  • MSRP $20.00 for two pair



Having tested other products with Hi-Tec a time or two, I shouldn’t be too surprised that the Rose City Lifestyle Socks are as luxuriously comfy as their contribution with the In Bloom Performance Hiking sock. Both are intelligently designed with a reinforced heel and toe for extra comfort, as well as to extend the life of the sock. The deep heel pocket in both styles added to the overall fit and added a bit more cushion than other brands I’ve tested. Both styles were secure at the leg, without being overly tight, and the arch compression is subtle, and snug.



Performance HikingDespite the fact that the Performance Hiking socks are not intended to be worn in winter, I’ve already used them for a snowshoe outing or two, when thinner socks were needed to adjust for warmer boots. Thinner than standard winter socks means the merino wool/acrylic blend is super breathable, and would be a good choice for spring and summer hiking. I’ll update, when there’s an opportunity in spring. That being said, the deep heel pocket and arch compression support kept the socks from sliding on my feet (women’s size 9), and the extra cushion in the toe was appreciated, when heading down-hill.

In contrast, the Lifestyle Socks feel slightly thicker to the touch throughout, when compared to Performance, but that could be because of the added material for the designs. The band at the leg is wider, and stayed in place beautifully underneath my pair of fashion boots. Typically, boot socks feel thin and cheap, but there was no compromise here. After being on my feet for hours, the Lifestyle socks were still soft and comfy and the ability to absorb shock remained. Also, we can’t overlook the fact that Hi-Tec has some really cute designs!


Final Say

The Hi-Tec In Bloom Performance Hiking and Rose City Lifestyle Socks are both a great choice to stuff your stocking this Christmas. “Comfortable, versatile and durable,” are three of my favorite words when it comes to socks, and they certainly apply here. In addition, they are backed by a One Year Guarantee, and a 60 Day Comfort Guarantee. If for any reason, you are not pleased with your socks, Hi-Tec will replace them, or offer another pair of equal or lesser value, no questions asked. At $20.00 for two pair of quality socks, in my opinion, they’re a great buy.

For more information about these or other Hi-Tec products, go to: www.thecomfortsock.com

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