KT TAPE recovery + WAVE is a mini pain reliever

My arm was sore from my COVID vaccinations.  I just slept with this device
KT TAPE recovery + Wave on the shoulder and it really helped reduce soreness.

We are in a world where the dangers of consuming opioids and developing dependency or even addiction is a very serious risk.  Where intense training is concerned the question always lingers- what can we do to mitigate nagging discomfort and pain? I have had friends rely to much on ibuprofen and created serious damage to their digestive systems.  Well here is a thoughtful solution.  The company that makes KT TAPE has a really unique answer.

Introducing the KT RECOVERY + WAVE.  This is an electromagnetic device that offers pain relief. Yes it works.  Yes it is clinically proven.  You cannot feel any thing from the device while it is working.  Almost magically after wearing this the pain gradually lessens or literally disappears.  This is a small device that sends a wave of energy in a focused spot.  Whether it is a knee, shoulder, back, etc.  I have used it during the day and sleeping at night.  If you have anything that is nagging you give it a try.

This is truly a breakthrough in drug-free pain relief. Using clinically prove electromagnetic therapy from clinician’s offices KT made this available to anyone.  This is an FDA cleared device.  This is so portable and easy to use.

Here is what I found through my experience.   I have ongoing back pain issues.  First thing I did is tape this to my back and wear it around for a day.  It definitely helped.  Of course because it works so well I begin to doubt and wonder if it is a bit of a placebo affect.  So then I tried it on my shoulder.  I slept with it on my shoulder.  The light woke me up so in needed to cover the little green light that tells me it is on.  I received my 1st and 2nd injections for my vaccine.  I was totally feeling fine but my shoulder was very sore.  The KT RECOVERY + WAVE works.  You cannot feel it working you just will feel better and pain will diminish.  Because it is so small it can be taped strategically so you continue moving. It is about the size of a quarter.

I recommend this to anyone with chronic pain.  Just give it a chance and see what improvements you make.  For just $34.99 this could deliver days maybe even months of pain free activity.  If you experience pain while sleeping tape this on and go to bed.  Most likely your pain will melt away and you will have better sleep.

To order go to: https://www.kttape.com/kt-recovery-wave#image

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