MOR snacks the portable crunchy & tasty fuel

Variety is important when you are looking for good ways to fuel your next adventure. MOR snacks has portable snack packs loaded with freeze dried fruit, cheese and delicious nuts.

The sweet and savory variety makes a variety pack perfect for your next outing. Or just keep a bunch of these handy in your work desk, car, backpack, or golf bag. These snacks are very light weight and still deliver a the calories you need.

There are 3 varieties available now. There are only natural ingredients with no preservatives. You can taste the quality in every pouch.

VINEYARD– ALMOND APPLE CHEDDAR GRAPE WALNUT is my favorite flavor. Loaded with wholesome goodness my tastebuds are not board with this great mix of flavor. The grapes are what make this mix so unique. This pack has the lowest calorie per serving at 168.

FJORD-APPLE GOUDA WALNUT is my next favorite. This is a perfect blend of sweetness with robust apple and solid walnut to balance the sweet. This has a little higher calories at 181per serving.

TUNDRA- ALMOND CHEDDAR JACK PECAN WALNUT is the one with the highest calorie at 285. I like this savory option for the times that you need a little more fuel for the fun. This is a great combo of cheese and nuts that always satisfies.

The price for each snack is very reasonable. I recommend the combo pack for your first order.

Right now there is a pretty good chance if you join their newsletter you could save 10% or more on your first order.

I hope they come out with some new varieties soon.

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