North St. Scout Duffle and Dopp Kit

I’ve decided to take another North St. bag for a spin since I was so pleased with both the Pioneer 8 and Pioneer 9. This time around I wanted to actually try out 2 bags. First, a large duffle bag, specifically the North St. Scout 44L VX Duffle. Second, a small bag that can be nested inside the duffle called the North St. Dopp Kit. I was looking for something that I could take on a road trip. Something that could fit all my gear in one bag, but still be easy to carry. I also wanted a bag that would hold up to some abuse and weather.


The North St. Scout 44L VX Duffle is advertised with some nice material specs:

Made from tough and waterproof X10 X-Pack backed Cotton Duck Canvas and lined with a soft 210 denier packcloth, this single layer water resistant bag is ready for the road, sky, and sea.

The material is very sturdy yet pliable. All the seems are made with excellent quality. The zipper has nice water resistance. The straps are made out of seat belt material, so you know they can support some serious weight. Probably the thing I like the best about the straps is that they wrap continuously around the bag, rather than just being sewn on to the side of the bag. This provides a significant gain in strength.

If you prefer to not carry the duffle with your hand then you can use the included shoulder strap which clips on to the d-rings at each end of the bag. Since the bag doesn’t have any type of internal frame, this strap can result in the bag becoming slightly taco shaped, but that’s part of being a duffle. They are naturally flexible.


The size of the North St. Scout 44L VX Duffle measures Length: 24”, Diameter: 12”. The bag is cylindrical, so there isn’t a width/height measurement. I’ve found that the bag is big enough for most occasions. In fact, I was very impressed at how much I was able to fit into the bag. On one weekend trip, I was able to fit everything that both my wife and I needed in the bag. This included 2 pairs of hiking boots, multiple pairs of clothing, some flashlights, 2 rain jackets, and a few other random things. I was impressed by the fact that I was able to fit anything into the bag after having placed 2 pairs of hiking boots in the bag, but there was plenty of extra space.


The inside of the bag is pretty straight forward, as you would expect with a duffle. There is the main pocket, occupying the entire size of the bag, and a small zippered accessory pocket. This pocket is great for throwing a few things like a phone, cables, loose change, or a toothbrush.

If you’re looking for additional organization then you’re going to want to check out the North St. Dopp Kit. This little bag is available in may colors and materials. I tried out the North St. Dopp Kit – Midnight X10 because it matched my North St. Scout 44L VX Duffle. The Dopp Kit has 1 zippered pocket. Inside this pocket there is mesh on each side divided into 4 pockets. This provides the ability to organize some toiletries, and leave the rest in the main pocket. The material is excellent just like the Duffle. The size is 9.5″ wide x 3.5″ deep x 4″ tall.

North St. is a great company, and I have loved all of their products that I have had the opportunity to try out so far. I highly recommend giving them a try. All their products are U.S. made, so support local and get yours today!

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