OGIO IRONMAN Licensed bags

OGIO makes some of the best luggage on the planet.  This gear is the well designed and functional luggage that OGIO is well known for.  The only difference is the IRONMAN labeling with the red and black details.  This also includes some bags from the endurance collection and some of the great full size travel luggage.

OGIO products are very high quality with impressive durability.  I have OGIO back packs, golf bags, endurance/transition bags that are well used.  Some of these bags are more than 10 years old and still work perfectly.  I still use them and they are still in great condition.  When you buy an OGIO bag unless you drag it around behind your car it will last.  I have traveled for years with these bags and I have never had a broken zipper, wheel failure, or strap break.

If you are looking for a good transition bag check out the M8 or M9.  These are unique bags that have compartments for everything that you take to T1.  After you remember where you put certain things it becomes a helpful system to manage training and race day.

I tried out the M15 NEWT.  This small backpack has so many great compartments. There is a laptop slot and a separate Ipad slot.  Each compartment has a separate zipper.  Both slots have protective padding and felt to slip in and out.  The zipper layout on the bag is very strategically positioned to fit everything tight and protected.  With 6 zippers it is amazing how this small bag packs tons of stuff.

I traveled with the OGIO NEWT M15 and packed the following: Laptop, Ipad, waterbottle, chargers, chords, jacket, keys, pens, hand sanitizer, memory foam travel pillow, raw rev energy bars, sunflower seeds, and headphones.  This is amazing for a 15 liter bag. And one of the zippers is a smaller slot for a small device or smart phone.  The black and red is awesome on the NEWT bag.  I like the smaller symbol on the back and the embroidered IRONMAN down the side.  The shoulder straps and top handle are soft and comfortable.


This is a high quality backpack for $99.00.  Check out the whole line http://ogio.com/athletic/ironman/m15

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