POPTICALS folding sunglasses with protective case

The benefit of having a bulletproof carrying case for your optics can save your next adventure.  Compact storage also makes a big difference and is very convenient.

I was backpacking and folded my sunglasses around a strap on my pack.  My pack tipped over and totally scratched the lens.  How do you safely store high quality glasses when you are in the Great Outdoors?

Introducing POPTICALS:

Folding glasses are a great idea.  I was a bit skeptical when I first saw POPTICALS.  These optics are durable high quality construction. The folding aspect is not gimmicky.  The folding is smooth and solid.  When the glasses are folded out they feel just like a solid pair of shades.  They lock into place very securely.  All these aspects were a pleasant surprise.

With such a technical product the styling would seem to be lacking.  The style seen here is it’s own thing.  I really like when companies do their own styling and not just following the trends of the crowd.  This style and construction is not like any other I have seen on the market.  This unique styling goes well with the one of a kind shaping of the frame.  Because it folds it doesn’t look like your typical optic.  From the top brow line it is a bit lower and flatter.  This goes very well with a flat brim hat.

I am so impressed with the protective case.  It is totally bulletproof.  Whether you want to have a back up pair for your next adventure or you are looking to really reduce your weight or space backpacking, skiing, touring, etc.

I have always wanted to have an optic that I could carry in my winter coat pocket snowboarding.  Now with POPTICALS I have the reassurance that I cant smash the glasses if I am shredding hard and come down.

They are great for hiking backpacking, beach time, etc.  But, I would not wear them to race.

Several styles to choose from  http://www.popgear

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