Columbia Ravenous Trail Running shoe

These shoes have a soft comfortable foot bed one of the nicest of any trail running shoe I have ever tested.

I had my first Columbia jacket in the 80s. It was an anorak jacket. I had it for many years. This was my first introduction to high quality Columbia products that are technical and last.

Well now Columbia is making trail running shoes. I had the opportunity to play in the Ravenous. At first glance they look pretty normal. The first impression wearing these shoes is very light weight and versatile. These shoes have a soft comfortable foot bed one of the nicest of any trail running shoe I have ever tested.

Grip/Traction- This shoe provides solid traction with a light weight outer sole. The traction hugs the trail and provides smooth cushioning with flatter or rocky trails. Running in wet and snowy trails this shoe worked fine.  The tread is unique and works well for many different surfaces.

Fit- the shoe fits great. The lacing system has some looseness issues. Securing the shoe during certain runs it felt like it would loosen up a bit after about 3 or 4 miles.   After several runs I realized this was solved with a simple double knot. The laces slip if you don’t have the double knot.

Runability- this shoe is great on any surface. It is a great hybrid shoe, although it is presented as a trail running shoe I enjoyed taking it road to trail many times. The footbed in this shoe provides great comfort for longer distances. Because of the TECHLITE support in the heel it maintains support without being too stiff or uncomfortable. After running about 100+ miles in this shoe it still is very supportive and the cushion has not compressed out. The heel has some particularly nice cushioning inside the shoe the supports and nudges the foot forward.

Appearance- This shoe looks great. The one I tested was green and black.   Coming in at 11.6 ounces this shoe is very well made.  Check out the video. 

Overall rating: 4.5

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