SLIX- The Superior Under Garment For Running- by Gelder Lewis

SLIX absolutely is the best sports undergarment I have ever used.

Nothing can irritate more than chaffing during an athletic event.  I remember in little league football & track and field I had a jock strap.  Not incredibly comfortable, but then again that was all that was available at the time.  Then boxer briefs came out, an improvement over the strap but still room for improvement.  Various brands have all taken a shot at different seamless versions and styles that were trying to dial in the needs of the male athlete.

SLIX absolutely is the best sports undergarment I have ever used.  I have tried a number of good undergarments but nothing that protects the goods like SLIX.  When I am done training I can always judge the comfort of the garment by how anxious I am to get out of them.  SLIX feel great before,  after and during workouts.   SLIX has a smooth, silky feel with great durability and support.  With 81% Cationic polyester and 19% Elastane the boxer brief has great breathability and superior comfort in any temperature.  Get your SLIX on at

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