Smartwool PhD Light Hoody

Smartwool PhD Light Hoody

Smartwool PhD Light Hoody

Looking for an excellent lightweight hoody to use while exercising? No matter what the activity is during this cold season, the Smartwool PhD Light Hoody is an excellent addition to your warm wardrobe.


The Smartwool PhD Light Hoody is made using 56% Merino Wool and 44% Polyester throughout the body. The mesh sections are made using 54% Merino Wool and 46% Polyester. Merino wool is an excellent insulator for exercise apparel because of its ability to repel water, keep you warm while wet, and inhibit bad smell (more info about the strengths of Merino here). Polyester also offers the ability to dry quickly. So basically, this garment is ready for sweat.

ComfortSmartwool PhD Light Hoody

The Smartwool PhD Light Hoody offers a very comfortable slim fit. I have always loved to wear hoodies, and while exercising I especially like my clothes to fit pretty closely to my body, but not skin tight. I absolutely love this hoody because it fits both of these criteria. The hood on this garment fits much snugger than most hoods, but that is perfect for exercising. It wraps nicely around my head and never falls off while running, biking, hiking, etc. Integrated thumb holes have been included in the end of each sleeve. I really like this feature for those days that are a little colder than usual. Overall, this is an extremely comfortable hoody.


When exercising, my body keeps itself pretty warm, so in most cases the Smartwool PhD Light Hoody is sufficiently warm. This hoody is made using pretty thin materials, though, so it isn’t necessarily the only thing you want to wear while exercising outside on a cold winter day. It is certainly a good starting point, though. Thanks to its snug-fit design, it can be worn comfortably under just about anything, so it’s perfect for layering. I love to wear this hoody as a base layer or midlayer when the weather is too cold to wear it on its own. 

ConclusionSmartwool PhD Light Hoody

I find myself wearing the Smartwool PhD Light Hoody all the time because it is so comfortable. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a baselayer or midlayer top or just a lightweight exercise jacket. If you don’t like the hood, then Smartwool also offers a version without a hood, and if you’re a woman, don’t worry, Smartwool offers a women’s version. This would make a perfect last minute Christmas gift for all your fitness friends! Get yours today from Amazon!


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