Swix Sonic Mountain Pro Trekking Poles

Swix Sonic Mountain Pro

Swix Sonic Mountain Pro Trekking Poles

If you’ve never used trekking poles, you may wonder why you would ever want to use Swix Sonic Mountain Pro trekking poles. Trekking poles have many advantages when outdoors such as:

  • They help you to keep your balance on difficult terrain, especially when walking through water
  • For people that like to take photos, poles can be transformed into a tripod
  • Ultralight backpackers can use poles to pitch a tent or shelter
  • They keep your upper body muscles working when hiking and running
  • They take some of the load off of your legs

AdjustabilitySwix Sonic Mountain Pro Clamp

The Swix Sonic locking system provides the Swix Sonic Mountain Pro trekking poles with a huge range of length. They can be used at lengths anywhere between 56cm and 140cm thanks to the 2 twistable clamps. These clamps are very easy to use, and clamp down excellently. The clamps never slipped while I used these poles, and neither did I! The amount of variability in length is huge. These poles should easily be able to accommodate anyone who is between 3 feet and 7 feet tall, which basically means anyone interested in trekking. Another great easily adjustable feature is the Flexi basket system. The baskets that come with these poles can be easily removed simply by unscrewing them. This means that you no longer need to have different poles for summer and winter adventures. Buy a set of larger baskets for the winter and you’re set.

Swix Sonic Mountain Pro TipsThe tip on the bottom of the pole provides 2 options for use (with or without the rubber tip). The rubber tip is very durable and provides excellent traction on smoother surfaces. Remove the rubber tip to expose the metallic tip which provides excellent traction in the dirt, ice, snow, or pretty much any other type of terrain. Honestly, I think you could use either tip in almost any terrain. Thanks to the quickly removed rubber tip, you get the flexibility to choose for yourself.


The Swix Sonic Mountain Pro is made of 100% carbon. They are made using Swix carbon technology, Swix CT1 Grade. This means that these poles weigh in 180 grams per pole, which is 22 grams less than an iPhone 8 Plus! These poles perform extremely well in every type of terrain thanks to the strength of carbon. These poles can handle anything you throw at them, they are very strong. The handle is made out of very comfortable cork. The cork helps to retain grip even when your hands start sweating. Cork grips have been used by Swix for more than 20 years and have been proven to provide great friction in both hot and cold temperatures.

ComfortSwix Sonic Mountain Pro Grips

The Cork grip has 3 main positions that you can hold on to. The most commonly used location is at the top of the grip, just right below the removable wrist strap. In this position you can use the wrist strap for additional support, or you can remove the strap simply by pushing the locking pin that secures the strap out of the handle. The cork grip has a knob integrated into the top of it that allows you to wrap your hand around the top of the pole if you prefer. This position is especially good while descending steep terrain. The 3rd, and final, main position is at the bottom of the cork grip, 6 or so inches down from the 1st position I described. This position provides a place to hold onto the Swix Sonic Mountain Pro while going up steep ascents without needing to shorten the length of the pole. The grip has a very nice contour and fit very comfortably in my hands.


I don’t always use trekking poles, so the Swix Sonic Mountain Pro trekking poles are perfect for me. Thanks to their lightweight and compactable design I can strap them to my backpack when I don’t feel like using poles. In this position, I don’t even notice that they are on my back because they’re so light. When I do want to use them, I simply turn the 2 clamps, adjust to my preferred length, then tighten the clamps. The clamp system on these poles works excellent, I never once had the pole length change during use.

I love that when I want to pack them down they are able to collapse into themselves instead of leaving multiple pieces folded over themselves like a tent pole. This means no extra pieces flopping around, and it makes it much easier to strap to a pack or even place inside of a pack.

I love the grips. They are comfortable in my hands, and they provide perfect friction regardless of how sweaty my palms are.

I don’t think I can think of any cons to the Swix Sonic Mountain Pro trekking poles. Go get some poles and get trekkin’!

Me using Swix Sonic Mountain Pro

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