The WIK Light- Innovative and Powerful

WIK is the best light I’ve tried, hands down. The powerful
LED light provides a smooth and broad pan of light without the usual tunnel
effect. It is water resistant and has an innovative magnetic band that allows
you to use it in all kinds of ways- on your wrist like a watch, around a belt,
around a pack strap, around a bike post, or just about anywhere you can fit the
band around.

When I first tried the WIK, I was shocked at how comfortable
the lighting in front of me was. I had a nice big area of light as I wore it on
my water bottle belt while I ran. It also goes great on any area you can secure
it to on a running vest or water vest. The light and band are extremely light
which is a nice change from bulky, bouncing headlamps.

It has several settings- red, red bright, white, white
bright and a powerful flashing white and red that is great for a safety light
on your back or bike. I like the bright white best in most instances, but all
of them are effective.

The WIK has an easy recharge port and maintains a very long
battery life without dimming the light.

This is a great light for those that train or race often in the dark or dusk and are looking for a welcome change from headlamps and handheld lights.

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Product review by Rusty Cannon

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