TIGERS BLOOD review by Rusty Cannon

I have tested Tigers Blood Energy Power with Beta Alanine for several weeks and I’ve become a fan. It provides a boost before, during and after exercise as well as aiding in recovery without sugar. I’m training for a full ironman in the spring and am now doing a good amount of swimming, indoor and outdoor biking, and indoor and outdoor running.

Tigers Blood starts getting you ready to go with a dose of
niacin, which creates a bit of tingle on your face and arms and works at
getting your body into an aerobic state faster. The first time I tried Tigers
Blood I definitely felt that. Although I’ve become accustomed to the hit after
a few weeks, it really helps me feel like I want to get into the workout
instead of dragging into it like I have done with so many early mornings in the

The other unique feature is the 1200mg of Beta-Alanine,
which is an amino acid. It helps with muscle fatigue and improves performance
by increasing carnosine levels inside muscle tissue. With a modest boost of
about 46mg of caffeine, you get a good jump without any crash.

The smooth taste of Tigers Blood has been very easy for me
to handle. I’ve taken it on an empty stomach in the early morning and have
never had any issues like I’ve had with other supplements that taste funny or
are simply too strong to handle without getting queasy or wishing you wouldn’t
have taken it.

Also, during a few very long workouts of 2-3 hours, I’ve
taken a second dose to keep the wheels turning. I tried drinking it on the bike
after a long swim and before I start the run and it has kept me in the zone
without any side effects. I’m curious to try it after an even longer stretch
once I get into the painfully long workouts before the Ironman.

For those looking for a smooth tasting, sugar free boost, I would highly recommend Tigers Blood.

By Rusty Cannon

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