TrailPix Solo DSLR Universal Ultralight Tripod System

TrailPix Universal Tripod

TrailPix Solo DSLR Universal Ultralight Tripod System

If you’re a photographer that loves to get into the outdoors or an adventurer that loves to document your trip, i’m sure you can relate with me in saying weight matters. The weight really adds up in a pack, especially when you add camera gear into your already heavy pack for a 3+ night backpacking trip. Every little ounce matters, so cutting weight in any way is important. A tripod, for me, is usually one of those items that gets cut from my packing list. It’s simply too big and too heavy. However, TrailPix has developed a clever way to include a tripod into every trip with very little additional weight with the TrailPix Solo DSLR.

What is it?TrailPix Solo DSLR

The TrailPix Solo DSLR is not like most tripods. It doesn’t come as a complete (already assembled) single item. Instead, it is a small aluminum plate that is used to form a tripod using any combination of 3 poles. You can use trekking poles, ski poles, tent poles, tree branches, or pretty much any other pole-like object. Thanks to its unique design, it can pretty much be used with anything. Even a couple of pens or pencils.

The TrailPix Universal Base is the key piece of the TrailPix Solo DSLR system. The brains of the system. It is built exceptionally well and simple. On the rear side of the TrailPix Universal Base are 3 holes that are used to attach to any kind of pole using thumb screws. On the front side is a single hole with a ¼” screw coming through it that can be used to attach directly to a camera or to a ball mount of your choosing. I would highly suggest using a ball mount because this allows you to quickly adjust the angle and view of the attached camera. Without a ball mount you can adjust the angle by adjusting the length of your trekking poles (if you have adjustable poles), but this is much more cumbersome than a simple ball mount. The ball mount also makes it easy to flip your camera quickly between portrait and landscape orientations.

ConfigurationsTrailPix Solo DSLR

The TrailPix Universal Base can be used in a variety of configurations thanks to its universal design. You could use it as a monopod, a bipod, or a tripod. My preferred configuration is to use 2 trekking poles and the optional 3 ounce TrailPix Solo Pole to form a tripod. The Solo Pole is basically a tent pole that is 52.25 inches long and folds down to 14 inches. If you want to go a little lighter, you can opt to use 2 trekking poles and a piece of rope or string. Place the 2 poles into the 2 outer leg holes on the TrailPix Universal Base and then tie the rope to the center hole. The other end of the rope can then be tied to a rock, tree, or any other well anchored object. The idea is to tie the rope at the proper length to allow the TrailPix Universal Base to tip forward so that the rope is tensioned. This works great if you want to quickly be able to take a picture of yourself. Just leave the rope attached to your TrailPix Universal Base when you put it back into your backpack and you’ll be able to quickly tie off the other end to an anchor whenever you feel like getting a quality selfie!

What to BuyTrailPix Solo DSLR

There are various options for what can be purchased from TrailPix. The 3 main components, as I have mentioned before, are the TrailPix Universal Base, the Solo Pole, and the ball mount. Each of these can be purchased individually or in a combo. I tested, and recommend, the TrailPix Solo DSLR kit, which includes the TrailPix Universal Base, Solo Pole, and ball mount. So decide what you need, evaluate what you already own, and make your order today! You can also pick up an ARCA style mount or a cell phone mount to attach to the TrailPix Universal Base if desired.


So who the TrailPix Solo DSLR system for? Are you thinking about getting this as a Christmas gift for someone special? Here is my simple opinion…. If you, or the person you are buying for, enjoy taking photos and usually use trekking or hiking poles while out and about taking photos, then the TrailPix Solo DSLR is a no brainer. Don’t hesitate, go get yourself one now, you will love it. However, if you don’t like to use hiking poles, then this system is not going to be super great for you. Yes, other things can be used as the tripod legs such as sticks and tent poles, but ultimately hiking poles work best.

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