XLAB Delta 400 with Multi Strike Repair Holder

Xlab Delta 400 with Multi Strike Repair Holder

I was fortunate enough to be able to test drive the Xlab Delta 400. I used this cage and repair holder on my time trial bike earlier this spring during a sprint triathlon and training for a 70.3 distance race.

The unit holds one water bottle, has room for a spare tube, and two canisters of co2.

Upon opening the box I was impressed with the really cool design, with a nice color scheme. Its also super light, so I didn’t worry about any extra weight on the bike.

It was fairly easy to install, only needing three tools, a 4mm Allen wrench, 8mm open-ended wrench, and a torque wrench. With easy to follow instructions, I had it installed in a matter of minutes.

One of the best features of this XLab system is the many levels of height and angle adjustments available. There is more than 25 degrees of angle adjustment, along with an addition 20 mm of height adjustment. This allows for the “perfect bottle access position for the rider,” Which I found after only a few rides and minor adjustments.

One drawback on the XLab Delta 400 is that it doesn’t fit all saddle designs. From what I could tell, and from input from my local bike mechanic, the “U” shape saddle clip only mounts to round seat tubes. I switched seat brands after I had installed the Delta 400 and have not been able to mount it to my new saddle.

I knew I was going to love this setup from the very first ride. The 2 co2 cartridges screw right in to the repair holder and there is a nice spot for a spare tube to Velcro right next to the water bottle holder. I used a small inflator that I tied into the spare tube which really only left a tire lever to put into my tube bag, leaving more room for my nutrition needs. Also, this eliminated the clinging noise from cartridges banging around in a gear bag that can get pretty obnoxious, especially on longer rides.

The Delta 400 is a perfect setup for up to an Olympic distance triathlon as it is a single bottle system. There are many products on the market and many different designs and positions that work great for a variety of riders, but I would highly recommend the Xlab Delta 400 for its aerodynamic location, great value and strong, durable design!


By Ryan Daley


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