ZEALIOS Race Relief sooth sore muscles & recover faster

When muscles are sore after intense training what do you do to find relief? Massage? Ice? The new Zealios muscle gel is a great way to sooth really sore muscles and get fast relief.

I was doing some intense Ironman course training in St. George last weekend. I had just completed a brick logging 45 miles on the bike and 12 miles on the run. I was pretty sore. We were planning to repeat the same thing the next day. This was my first time using Zealios. I rubbed a dab about the size of a quarter all over my calves, quads, front and back of thighs. I probably should have used about the size of a nickel. Immediately I started feeling an intense cooling. It had a bit of a numbing sensation. This non-greasy formula works quickly. I went to dinner and stood up from the table after an hour feeling really good. Muscles were very comfortable. I slept well and had felt very fresh the next day on the brick repeat.

So how does Zealios work so well? It is the Herbal Extracts! These key ingredients really penetrate deep down providing lasting relief. Here is a picture of the actual bottle of the product. Most of these ingredients are familiar to anyone that has studied ingredients for other muscle cooling treatments.

For a 3 oz. bottle it is $17.95 US. This bottle goes a long way. I think this is a very high quality natural product using a unique combination of ingredients to relieve sore muscles. Go to the link below for more information.

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