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Believe Journal: Training and Inspirational Journal for RunnersBelieve Training Journal

by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGetigan-Dumas
Velo Press,

Retail $18.95, Paperback


When it comes to keeping goals, every trainer and coach on the planet will agree that accountability and documentation are paramount to success. The Believe Training Journal fills both these requirements and more, to help you reach your goals. Unless you’re a member of the diligent, goal-driven masses, the black cloud of February will bring an abrupt end to all your best new year’s intentions. It doesn’t have to! This run-specific, female targeted training journal is, “…one part training log, one part how-to manual, and one part workbook- all woven into one year of your life.”


The authors, Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, are not only seasoned professional runners and former Olympic athletes but real, down-to-earth women who live the daily struggle of maintaining a balance of personal achievement, and family responsibilities. Their instruction is completely void of elitist rhetoric, and comes across more like that one trusted friend and training partner, that has the guts to say what you need to hear. The journal begins with a short how-to section that includes a small, but informative list of do’s and don’ts for newbies. It is sprinkled with helpful training instruction, motivation and insightful questions to prompt self-reflection.


After setting specific goals, you’re ready to start logging in the miles, but not without a little encouragement. Interspersed between the training weeks, are Believe Training Journal by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumashelpful lessons that include everything from nutrition and mental training, to race day plans and drills. And just like a good training partner, there are tips for dealing with adversity and body image. “The [Believe] Training Journal was the gift I gave myself this year,” our reviewer commented. “So far, it’s helped me to see my body for what it really is- amazing! The motivational quotes and training tips are great, and being able to see my progress in black and white has been a big motivator. I’ve been running aimlessly for years and it’s been a great ‘reset’ to my training.”


In addition, Fleshman and McGettigan-Dumas have even thought to include a Pace Chart, a list of their favorite instructional books and websites, and a Pro Race Calendar to help turn you into a bonafide fan.


All in all, the Believe Training Journal is an effective, comprehensive workbook to help women blow right past the temptation to give in to the February blues. The experienced authors close their instruction with this last piece of wisdom: “Do the training. Be open. Be aware. Be patient. Believe that your preparation will meet it’s opportunity, and that’s when the magic will happen.”

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