Under Armour KTV Trail Shoe review

This Under Armour KTV shoe has a unique approach to durability and simplicity.  No excess material.  Every stitch and corner is determined to be useful.

Tread-It is amazing the traction that the Michelin tread provides.  It looks like it may not pass the test on slippery trails.  Not with this tread.  There is something magic about the grip.  Michelin has been used in other Under Armour shoes. This collaboration is not for show.  Very reliable traction.  Several times ascending and descending I anticipated sliding.  I didn’t slip and the grip held tight.

Construction-Under Armour has developed the KTV to be the all around versatile shoe that you can use as a road to trail.  The shoe is not bulky but is a stiffer construction.  The upper is made of a durable material.  With the first run I noticed that the upper in the toe box has a more durable material that does not break down.  The part where toes bend and flex most shoes break down on the edges of the fold first.  This shoe was built with the anticipation of long miles and rough terrain.  The build of this shoe has fixed a common problem with trail shoes.  The material is light weight but super strong.

Lacing– The lacing system is tight.  You can dial this in so you have a certain section of the shoe tighter than another.   This shoe is unique in the sense that the secure feeling of moving quickly and the shoe is very responsive.  This feeling of a tighter lacing system took a run or 2 to get used to.  The shoe is comfortable but not plush. Built with simplicity except for the front of the toe box there is a reinforced toe protector.  I wish more trail shoes had something like this. Inevitably when the pace picks up on the trails I accidentally kick a small rock or an un seen tree root.  This toe protector is excellent.

Cushioning–  The mid sole is not extra soft and squishy. The whole tread of the shoe is more snappy.  Very responsive.  The foot bed is not super cushy.  This shoe has left some of the comfort to the side and focused on the functionality.  This shoe was born to move quickly and work in changing surfaces and terrain.  You can feel the trail but no ricks will bruise you through the bottom of this tread.

The Under Armour KTV has created a trail shoe that looks light, smooth, fast, and comfortable.  This shoe delivers all these things without giving up any protection, support, or durability.

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