Columbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme Trail Running Shoe

Columbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme

Columbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme Trail Running Shoe

What is the Columbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme good for?

The Columbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme is a great all-weather trail running shoe. It is relatively lightweight (size 9 1/2 pair = 11.4 oz / 326 g), it is waterproof, it is durable, and it is comfortable. This shoe provides the ideal balance of support, traction, and cushioning on rugged terrain.


The waterproofing of the Columbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme works just like Columbia advertises. Whether you are crossing shallow rivers, running on a muddy trail, or out on a rainy day, these shoes will keep your feet dry. I was able to place my foot in a stream until my toe was completely submerged without getting any water inside of my shoe. As long as the water isn’t deep enough to go over the top of the shoe, then the water will not penetrate the shoe. This is spectacular when running on a trail that has some water on it because now you don’t have to run with soggy shoes or soggy socks.



Here is a video from Columbia that highlights the superior waterproofing of the Outdry technology:


These shoes definitely don’t breathe like a traditional running shoe, but that should not be expected because that’s not what they are. These are waterproof trail shoes, and they perform that task excellently. The breathability is quite excellent for a waterproof shoe. I find that my foot is a bit warmer than when I wear non-waterproof shoes, but that should not stop you from considering these shoes. I think the breathability is good enough to do whatever you throw these shoes into. In my testing I took these shoes up to Angel’s Landing on a 90 degree day with little to no sweat in my shoes at the end of the trip.

TractionColumbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme Tread

The tread on this shoe performed well in all the areas that I used it. The tread isn’t ultra soft, so it won’t wear out too quickly. The only time that I felt slightly unstable was on red rock in Zion National park when there was loose sand on top of the rock. Although, I think most shoes would have felt just as unstable in this terrain. The lug pattern is multi-directional which provides you with a stable footing for ascending and descending.


The seams on this shoe are very sturdy. I don’t have any hesitation in saying that these shoes will stay together after heavy use. The outsole’s full length rubber is durable and doesn’t crumble off on the edges. The shoelaces are strong. The toe box is reinforced to protect your toes from getting hurt by accidentally kicking a rock or a stair, this also helps to keep the shoe sturdy. I have been using these shoes for about 4 weeks now, and I don’t see any signs of wear. I plan to use this shoe for a long time without any problems.


I find these shoes to be very comfortable, no matter what I am doing with them. They are great for casual hikes, they are great for trail runs, and they are great for everything in between. In fact, I have found myself wearing these shoes to my office nearly everyday. At work I have a standing desk that I keep raised 90% of the day. With many of my shoes I’ve worn in the past my heels will start to be sore after a few hours of standing at my desk, but not with these. These shoes provide excellent heel support, allowing me to stand through the entire day without heel soreness. I love the feel of these shoes and would highly recommend them to anyone.


If you are looking for a rugged trail running shoe, look no further. The Columbia Caldorado II Outdry Extreme will perform in every terrain and weather condition that you put them in. They are comfortable, breathable, and waterproof. I have found my new favorite trail shoe. Get yours from Amazon!

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