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FITS socks are born from the collaboration of third and fourth generation textile manufacturers, looking to create the best sock ever made.

In full disclosure, I’ve been wearing FITS since I won a pair in an event raffle, and was more than happy to test them when they sent a few pair over for me to try. After a few years of wearing them whenever possible, they’re still among my favorite socks for trail running. In fact, even my teens know better than to try and sneak a pair out of my drawer.

The Performance Trail Quarter, (retail $18.99 USD) is made with anti-itch, Merino Wool and are soft, breathable, and moisture wicking. My favorite feature of all their trail socks is how lush and comfy the extra cushion is in the toe, heel and arch. Light-weight breathable zones keep the most common hot-spots at bay and shape to ankles and feet, without feeling restrictive. The quarter-length cuff prevented dirt and rocks from sneaking in, and just below the cuff, they’ve added extra breathability for added comfort on hot days. When hiking in the Grand Canyon last summer, I wore a lower-ankle version of this sock, and was blown away by how well they were able to keep out the massive amounts of sand, we spent hours trudging through.

I took the Ultra Light Runner No Show, (retail $15.99 USD) to do some hill repeats and though it shares many of the same features as its siblings, it boasts a more minimalist approach. Slight cushioning only in the toe and heel cup softened the blow of the pounding concrete, and super breathability at the top of the foot kept my feet from overheating during intense activity. The no show length, was secure—a major pet peeve of mine—and thankfully, resisted the urge to slip under my heel.


Final Say

I love my FITS socks, and can easily recommend the Performance Trail Quarter or the Ultra Light Runner No Show to friends looking for a well-made, comfortable pair of socks. All FITS socks are odor resistant and antimicrobial, as well as being specifically designed with each activity in mind. They’re highly durable and made in the USA. While there’s no formal guarantee, their website makes it clear that they expect every pair to be properly made, and well-fitted to each customer. If there’s any reason you’re not happy, FITS is happy to make it right.

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